Saturday, March 21, 2009

East Coast

Well we are in West Virginia visiting with my sister, my niece, and brother-in-law. We are having a great time not only visiting with family, but we are also taking the opportunity to see some other states while back here. Matthew is in heaven playing with his uncle Greg who took him to his job yesterday and bought him gifts....need I say more? He is also enjoying Noelle's cats and plays with them constantly. They have become his obsession and he frequently says, "I wish I had a pet."

On Wednesday, we headed out for Washington DC. I have been so excited about this for a number of reasons. The first, of course, is going to the White House. I was all geeked out by going and seeing it and knowing that this was going to be the closest I will have ever been to a sitting president....even though he is a couple of thousand feet from me, I would still be that close to him. Well, that is until Rich burst my bubble and told me that the president was making his first trip to California (that's right, that state in which I live and I had just left to fly across country to be the closest I will ever be to the president!) and would actually not be back to the Whitehouse during the time we were in DC. Lovely! The second reason I have been so excited is that fifth grade core curriculum is US history and government, and I simply can't wait to share all my pictures with my class.

The second day we were in DC, we took the Metro all the way to Arlington to see the cemetery. This was one of the highlights of the trip fro me. When we got to Arlington we looked up my great-grandparents grave sites and set off to find them. It was cold, raining, and a bit miserable, but we figured that we had to do this while we were here. So, a fifteen minute walk in the rain and wind brought us to their grave sites. As we were taking pictures and carefully describing this place to Matthew and it's significance, we heard a marching band start to play. We looked up and saw funeral procession coming right toward us. All of us later commented on how is was amazing that we could get so emotional and cry within a 45-second time period for someone we had never met, nor knew what their history was that brought them to this point. It was not only breathtakingly beautiful, but incredibly sad and emotional as well. I turned to Noelle and said videotape as much as you can without them seeing it so we are not disrespectful, but I wanted to share with others what we had seen. I hand my camera around my neck and I had no idea whether it was focused or even if the picture would be lined up, but I just kept snapping away in case I could get a few shots of what was going on.

With the rest of the day pretty much subject to rain, we decided to head back to get our car and just drive around to see all of the sites we could possibly get in. Forgive me, but most of these were taken with Noelle driving and me snapping away as fast as I could. At one point I hopped out of the car, on a very busy street, to run up and see the Lincoln Memorial and snap as many pics as I could. We drove all over the rest of the city and hit all the major places that we thought we couldn't leave without saying we had been there to see it. I really could come back and spend an entire week here and hit two to three major sites a day. We certainly made the most of our trip, the short time we were there.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kings for a night

This year Matt and Ryan were pictured on a Kings Season Ticket, after a few years of trying. So on Sunday night we went to the game, the four of us and Rich and Sharon, and enjoyed a Kings win...which is good, but depressing. It was good because they played really well and it was a lot of fun to watch. The depressing part was remembering how exciting it can be to be at Arco when the game is tight and the Kings end of winning, and knowing that it hasn't happened a lot lately.

The kids had a great time. Ryan did surprisingly well. He stayed with Rich and I for the first part of the game and then joined Rich and Sharon for the second part of the game down in their seats. He had a better time with them because they had a tub of popcorn and every time Rich and I looked at him he was eating. Matt had a great time too. Cheering for both teams, you know....covering his bases so either of "him teams" would win. Lovely!

Here are some fun pics from the game.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Six Flags

Last weekend the four of us and Rich and Sharon headed to Six Flags to spend the day with the Sacramento Kings. As a treat to all the FAITHFUL KINGS SEASON TICKET HOLDERS, the Maloof's coughed up some major coin and pretty much bought out Six Flags for the day to treat all the ticket holders who are braving these not-so-happy times at Arco. So, braving the wet forecast, we headed for Marine World in hopes to see some animals and maybe some Kings players who were going to be there.

When we got there, the weather was misty with on and off sprinkles. It actually wasn't bad at all. We headed for the animals first off because Ryan was pretty excited to see them. The great part about the closed park to the public, is that it was VERY QUIET and there was hardly anyone there....however, we were the crazy people wearing ponchos and carting golf sized umbrellas prepared for a monsoon. As we made our way through the park, a lot of the animals were not out due to the weather. It was the day after the opening day at the park for the season and you could tell all of the employees were ready for questions, just begging us to quiz them on the animals. So we asked, "Where are the tigers?" and the sweet young lady who could tell us probably more than we ever wanted or needed to know about tigers replied, "Well, they are cats and cats don't like the rain." Alrighty then.

As we made our way through the park, the weather unfortunately got worse. The rain started to come down harder and the wind was getting worse. As we were trying to make the best of our free day of fun, it was clear to us that our time was going to be cut short. The good news is the park officials felt the same and we heard them come over the loud speaker and say that they were going to close earlier than expected and that the Kings would "make it up to us" at a later date. So, stay tuned.

We mostly took video of the day, but here are a few pictures from our day.