Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's a "Hairy" Situation

Matthew 1....Mom 0.  That's the score in our house with regards to the new "hairdo".  I have not been shy about my objection to the longer look of his hair.   And he has not been shy about his objection to my objection.  Bottom line, I lost and the hair isa' growin'.  I am very fond of the hair when it is brushed to the side and takes on that "Bieber-ish" look, but let's face it...he's a boy and the minute he runs off to the playground it is back in his face again.  Oh is the hill I have chosen not to climb.

What I do have to share is a picture that Rich's mom recently found an gave me.  It is of Rich (obviously) when he was younger, sporting the EXACT cut.  I love it!

Just sayin'...they might share the same DNA.  :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Are you ready for some football?????  We are!!!  Last weekend kicked off Matt's new flag football season! I missed last weekend, but this weekend I was prepared with my camera.  He played the entire game, had a great catch on a punt return, and came home and passed out! 

The headband is necessary or else his hair will be in his eyes!  Oh, and the black marking underneath apparently very necessary, "Because that's what the pros' use Mom!"

This year it  is a little different with referees and flags being thrown for penalties.

One of the first runs of the day.

Andres is SO close!!!

And down he goes!!  Luckily the cowboy player was caught.

Tired and hot!  Gonna be a long season!

GEAUX SAINTS!!!  (That's for you Auntie Noelle)  ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girls Weekend!

*Be patient with the will make sense in a little bit.

You know you are looking forward to going somewhere when you are packed and ready to go (minus bathroom room stuff) two days before you actually leave.  That was me last Wednesday...packed and ready to head to Tahoe.  In fact, not only was I packed, I might have already been mentally there Thursday and Friday...just saying.

Friday afternoon Emilie came into town long enough to meet the Notorious TED, pick me up, pick Melissa up and head up the mountain for our getaway.  Melissa had invited us to go up to her family's house and we were not going to miss the chance to do so!! 

Here's our "pad" for the weekend.

Right after we got there we put the pregnant woman to work making dip while we sipped our beverages.  I felt kind of bad....just kind of . :)

About 10 or so years ago we all came up here for a weekend and I love that if I posted a picture from back then...the living room would look identical. 

Shout out to the Marini Family!!!!!  Hello old friend!!!!!! 

Funny story...the weekend way back when us girls came up we were outside getting ready to go somewhere and we see this red Trans Am drive was Rich.  He was there for the celebrity gold tournament and his cabin was right down the street from Melissa's family's place.  It was so crazy that at the time I knew two people who had places in Tahoe and they were both located on the same street. 

Here is me getting a closer picture of the cabin.  I had to be careful because there was a man inside watching me take the pictures and let's be honest...that's spooky.  Crazy girl doing drive by shootings is probably not to common up there! 

Gordie on a walk with Melissa and I.  He was BEYOND good.  Such a sweet puppy!!!!

After our walk we headed down to a beach...which the name escapes me...and had a very relaxing lunch.

And the view wasn't too shabby either!

Melissa and Emilie...soakin' up some sun!

It was definitely a hat day!!!

Later that night we decided to go to a nice dinner and then to the casinos.  As we were getting ready Melissa had her iPod playing.  (Back story---We we used to live in Chico together, there was ALWAYS music playing.  Mostly from Melissa, but it seemed like someone always had their stereo on.  And what I love about these two girls is that they are 80's music FREAKS!!!  They have been to every Def Leppard concert east of the Colorado border.  Bottom like--they have good taste in music)  As we are getting ready, singing along to every song that comes on, it hits me....BEST PLAYLIST EVER!!!  What then sent me over the edge was when the song "Lookin' for Love" from the movie Urban Cowboy came on I ran to the bottom of the staircase and screamed to Melissa...."BEST PLAYLIST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Who???  Who???  Other than me and my sister...who would possibly ever put this on their iPod????  MELISSA!!!!!!!!  She is my playlist goddess!!!

We went to a great restaurant called the Riva Grill.  Nice view for a late Saturday night dinner!

Thanks girls for a great weekend!  Emilie I hope you had a relaxing weekend before chaos ensues with the addition of another boy to the Eliasen Family!  And Melissa thank you for opening your home to us and planning a great weekend!  xoxo

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ryan's Soccer!!

First of all....let me knock on wood...he has played in every game so far.  I think we were ALL holding our breath these past couple of weeks.  Would this be the game he decides he's done?  Would we have to promising him everything just short of a brand new car when he is 16 to play five minutes of a game???  Because we came close last season, very close!

We are three weeks in and we have three weeks to go.  There has not been a "green socks" sighting yet...but, we think we'll play him soon.  There has been a "you know that number 4 kid" and a "that kid with long hair like Matthew".  These are all opponents that he has played against and thinks about after games.  We discuss them at length during the week and I do my best to assure him that we either won't be playing them again OR that he will be fine playing against them if they do meet again by chance.  These are the conversations we have all week....ALL week, I say!

Morning warm-ups.  He looks....well, you decide for yourself.

Fyi---"Boy with long hair like Matthew" is the one to the left.  He was quick, very quick!

Every time Ryan had a break away, "boy with long hair like Matthew" was right there. was that hot.

Ryan with his teammate Zoe.  Her dad is the coach and he is fabulous and soooo good with the kids.

Yep, there he is again.  I found myself yelling..."Ryan...Man on, man on!!!"  Then it occurred to me...he doesn't know what the hell I am talking about and that this is TOT SOCCER!!!  I need help.

Score one for number 7!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oy Vey!!

My cup runneth over.  Not only has it runneth over, it's dripping off the counter and there is a puddle on the floor.  Too much going on a once makes Mommy a little off her rocker.  I feel a little rest in the horizon, so all should be well shortly.

My sister and Natalie were here for two weeks!!! It was Noelle's 20 year reunion and so it was the perfect excuse for her to come out for the visit! We had so much fun, doing nothing really, just hanging out and being together.  Toward the end of the trip when I would walk into my mom's house, Natalie would take me back to the front door as to tell me to leave because she had figured out that every time I showed up, I usually left and took Noelle with me.  She was done with us having our outings!!

Ryan...right smack dab in the middle of Natalie's "book display".  Doesn't he look guilty of something????

My sweet girl!!!  I stole as many kisses as possible.

The annual "lets put them together and hope one turns out" picture!

Noelle and Natalie!!

Don't be fooled by these next two shots....they only want ONE thing and they are trying to use their charm to get it.

The ipad for Angry Birds supersized!!!  Even though they loved Angry Birds, we held some pretty serious Yahtzee games as well.  Matthew hates to lose, so after Nana posted the highest score, he was in the zone!

Love!!  Love this picture!!  The boys and Noelle right before she left for her reunion.

Noelle and Lynn!!!!

Me and my girl!!!

And in all of this craziness....SCHOOL STARTED!!!!  Shortest summer ever!

Just look at that face...still somewhat asleep...isn't he darling!!!  Ryan started on the same day as Matthew and I, so I took Matt and Daddy took Ryan.

The big third grader!  He's still cute...but I am losing the hair battle.  He REFUSES to cut it and I have no clue whether I have any rights to shave it while he's asleep. 

In mom's classroom waiting patiently for the bell to ring!

And finally...the best picture from the visit!!!  Yep, we got lucky!!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Slacker

I am literally spinning out of control with so much going on.  Let me get through my sister leaving, the start of school, Back to School Night, and the 14 piles of laundry I have...then I'll be back.  Promise!  Ciao.