Sunday, February 16, 2014


Here's that post that just needed to be posted so that you all know we are here still and haven't quit you.

I really don't have a lot to share.  I feel we have been quite boring lately (not that we were fascinating in the past) and there hasn't been too much to share about.

About a month ago our entire house (with the exception of Matthew, so I guess it wouldn't be the ENTIRE house) became sick as dogs.  Rich, Ryan and myself were of zero use to anyone or anything.  I haven't quite gotten over mine. It is still there simmering as a reminder that maybe I really should have seen a physician to help get over it. 

Recent happenings in the Marini household...

Let's start with Ryan.  See that small black thing resting next to our house key?  That would be the eraser that had to be surgically removed from his ear after he shoved it in on accident.  How, do you ask, does that happen on accident?  Well, picture yourself as a seven year old in class, showing off for the girl that sits behind you, and you stick an eraser just in the lip part of your ear.  After you have successfully gotten an eye roll or a giggle, you then try to remove the eraser---only to have shoved it in your ear so far that it can not be seen by anyone without a medical tool. 
I recently shared this picture on Facebook with the caption saying something to the effect that he deserved the cup of coffee that I gave him since he had been up since 6:15am doing homework.  And it wasn't because he didn't do it the night before, we just told him to stop and finish in the morning because it was going on three and a half hours straight of him at the kitchen table.  The boy has worked his ass of this year.  There are no if's, and's, or but's about it.  Will he be prepared for middle school?  Yes.  High school, possibly?  Yes, maybe.  All I know is that he hasn't complained a single minute about the amount of homework, projects or reports that he has had to do so far this year.  He is NOT his mother.  I like myself a soapbox and I usually enjoy screaming from the top of it.  He is a better student than I ever was and I could not be prouder.    
Ryan had an art show in class the other day.  Listen....this is a breath of fresh air!!!  Why???  Because we NEVER really have time to do art anymore and it is ridiculous that this simple part of school that we all remember and loved is dying a slow death.  First grade should be all about expression through different creative ways and I am so glad that Ryan's teacher is making this an important part of their year.

I am a little confused as to which mother he is referring to below.  Who is this person and have I missed the days she has come to cook for my family and I missed out on a free meal?

And basketball season (for Parks and Rec at least) came to an end yesterday.  I love this group of boys!  Most of them have been playing together for the past three or so years and they have really grown as a team.  And three of those darlings happen to be my current students.  Jeff Plunkett has been a phenomenal coach and we were so proud of the season they had. 

Okay...that's it for now.  If anything else exciting happens soon, I will share.  If it doesn't, well I will probably share that too.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl...Super Fan

Ahhh...I do love me some Payton Manning.  I am just so sorry that someone forgot to tell him to show up Sunday for the Super Bowl.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Also, watching Julius Thomas suit up and play in the Super Bowl gives me chills.  We used to go and watch some of his basketball games because he played with a nephew of a friend of ours and it is an amazing accomplishment for him and well deserved. 

Super Bowl Sunday started out as it has the last three years.  A fun, drag out flag football game down at the park.  No one cried this year, which is an accomplishment in itself.  What is a Super Bowl Sunday without a little dirt bowl of our own!

Three girls against all these boys!  And let me tell you....they can hold their own!  Makes me proud!

Such a great group of kids!!!

And on to the game!!  So this family was happy today!  Jason, born and raised in Seattle, was BESIDE himself with joy and excitement!  There aren't enough words to describe his happiness.  Everyone decked out in new gear for the big game!

You know we have issues when we set a three item limit to how many things each of us would have/make.  And all of us blew that rule to shame and this is a sampling of a fraction of what was available.

He was making his world famous garlic we were smart to not piss off the cook.

Beast Mode celebration!

Almost over....

Who loves Rich's salute to me????  This is one stand up guy!

All smiles.