Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Quarter Break!

I don't know why it is not a mandatory rule that all school districts have some type of break at the end of each quarter of school.  For students, it is a great way to regroup and prepare for the next quarter.  For teachers, it is a necessary time to regroup so that we don't enter a mental facility at the end of the year.  It's a win-win really and more school districts should adopt this model.  (Say all teachers everywhere)

The first part of our two week break we headed to Disneyland.  I know...shocker.  My husband was especially a Bitter Betty this entire trip because our passes expired on our last day and we aren't going back for a while.  Every once I put my foot down and make a request for an actual vacation that I don't have to wait in a line...unless it's at the swim up bar, then I am a little more understanding and patient.  So next year we venture back to a big kids vacation and I couldn't be more excited. 

Same smiles, just one year later!!

Snow-Bros.  Love this picture!!!

Teacher and former student pic!  :)

This is Halloween!  This is Halloween!!!!

These two!  I love that she just walks up and grabs his hand and never gives him a reason not to.  When she was young she used to crawl up into his lap and just sit there.  I loved it!

Did someone say poolside bar?  Oh, okay.  Because the weather was HORRIFICALLY HOT, we spent most afternoons at the pool.  The first day was here at the Locke's hotel.  Very fun water slides and the kids had a blast. And the drinks were tasty. 

Lynn and Diana.  I love this lady!  She went on every ride!!!!  The ones I was complaining about going on, she was sitting next to me not saying a word.  She said, "I can't have my grandkids thinking I can't go on these rides."  Hilarious!!!!

Oh's Bitter Betty.

 The bet payoff.

Poolside the next day at our hotel.  I could have slept for hours out here.

Last day with the Locke's on Radiator Springs.  That poor guy in the back!

We got the photo pass again this year. When I get the CD, I'll share ride pictures...those are more entertaining!

Last lunch together.  So much fun and such a great trip again!!!!

After we said goodbye to the Locke Family, we went back to our hotel and slept for three hours.  They had to be just as tired as we were.  That night when we headed back to the park and just walked around. the third cozy cone in Cars Land, they sell high octane drinks.  Just sayin'.

UGH....Turkey leg. 

For Aunt Noelle.

Teddy and Bear's Trick of Treat bucket.

Fifteen minutes out of Anaheim. 

After we got home, we had two days to regroup, do laundry and pack for Tahoe. 

It was a Mom and boys trip to Tahoe!  Not going to lie...driving to Tahoe at night with this kid as my co-pilot was hilarious and fun.  He was schooled on when it was appropriate to use high beam lights, when to pass in the passing lane, who should be in the right lane at all times (as he yelled that at truckers all night), and why his mother should work on being a more patient driver.  Ryan helped too...keeping us entertained by singing and requesting songs.

Other than my Ryan, those are all former students.  How weird do you think it was for them to see their teacher walk around in her pajamas?!?!  It was a mom and kids only weekend, so they did their part to stay as far away from us as possible.  Hopefully that helped!

Some serious horseshoe games going on.

And to end our last night of vacation, we headed to the Gallo Center to watch Spank---A Fifty Shades of Grey parody.  Absolutely hysterical!!

 On to the second quarter!  Next break is Christmas and it will be here before we know it.  I can't wait!