Friday, January 27, 2012

Up, Up, and Away!

It's UPWARD season!!  Last weekend the boys had their first Upward games.  When we had originally signed Ryan up for Upward, he said he didn't want to play.  He didn't like the coaches yelling (I asked if he has heard his own father) and he didn't want to come out of the tunnel.  As the games got closer though, he was totally digging his new uniform and was ready to go.

He had no problem coming out of the tunnel surrounded by the ladies.

Alright, so maybe he is the smallest on his team.

But he's got skills, just wait...

Toughest defender ever!  I told him that defense wins games and it is the key to winning.  The shots will come, but you have to defend.  He has taken that to heart, Matthew has chosen to ignore us for the past four years of his basketball career.

See?  Mad skills!!  We were not allowed to cheer too loudly for him, just a little bit he said.  Again, how do he and his brother share the same DNA??

Serious as always.

He was pretty proud of himself, he made a couple of baskets.

Now, for the afternoon game. 

I know what you are saying...One of these kids is not like the other.  The headband has become mandatory or the boy could simply not see.

Isn't it nice he is looking to pass instead of shooting from there???  Baby steps... bad, I spoke too soon.  Now, I'm no basketball player, but I am almost positive that when you shoot the ball, your body should NOT BE SIDEWAYS. 

Again, SIDEWAYS.  The major problems with this "flinging the ball" at the hoop?  The balls go in.  He had six baskets just like these, so he thinks his shooting is fine.  This is a dad issue.

And isn't it nice to see his tongue still fits to perfectly in his cheek.  I have seven other pictures I didn't include where his tongue is in his cheek.

Yep, there it is again.

It's so nice to be back to basketball season.  It is one of my favorites...the other is the unmentionable--flag football--but we don't like to say things like that out loud.  It may lead the boys to thinking they can play actual football one day and it's not going to happen. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marini-Guido Disneyland "Yeah Buddy" Trip!

What a weekend!!! Last weekend we invited our friends The Guido's to Disneyland.  Anthony and Kelly have been a couple of times, but their daughter Leah and son Vinnie (yes, his name is Vinnie Guido--actually, it's Vincent, but it is more Jersey Shorish to call him Vinnie) have never been.  There is nothing like taking kids there for the first time and we could not wait to take Leah all around and see her so excited.

I figure I will just do a picture walk...join me, will you?

Here is Ryan and Leah.  They really are so cute together.  It is actually so entertaining to watch them together because they act more like brother and sister than friends.  Several times he told her off and several times she returned the favor.  This is Ryan playing hard to get.

 Last time we stayed here the boys went on a scavenger hunt through the hotel and got these cookies.  Ryan decided it was one of the first things Leah needed to do.

Our view from our place.  Spectacular~!

Time to ride some rides!

Even the big kids had to ride some rides.  Here is Anthony, Kelly and myself on Tower of Terror.  We love Anthony's nonchalant look as we are dying of fear!

That first night we were all so exhausted!!  A long morning of driving and a hot day at the park put us back to our room for an early evening.  What a perfect way to end the evening...watching World of Color from our balcony.  This beats standing in the cold for an hour and listening to kids complain.

And a little drinkie to watch the show.  Chocolate wine---DELISH!

The next morning Leah was so excited to head to Ariel's Grotto to have breakfast with the princesses.

The boys are smiling because they are NOT going to have breakfast with the princesses. cute are they!

Me and the boys in line to race to the back of California Adventure.  We ride Toy Story Mania once a day and it is within the first ten minutes of the park being open and we literally run/walk to get there because if not it is over an hour wait the entire day.

Ryan with one of his favorite friends.

Afternoon snack on the balcony watching Phineas and Ferb.

The next morning, Kelly and Anthony wanted to ride California Screaming.  I passed...besides, we had friends to meet.  See if you can spot them!

Kelly's mouth wide open!


Here is Anthony and Leah on Toy Story Mania.  This was one of the few times that Leah actually got to ride a ride with her dad.  Matt and Ryan were all about riding with Mr. Anthony.

Matthew found a new favorite ride!!!  Jumping Jellyfish.  It's like the kid version of Tower of Terror...but weaker.

I regret we didn't get more group shots.  The only picture of Kelly and me.

Oh wait...there is this one.  I'm the one in the back, behind Kelly's mouth. :)

This is us the second time we went on.  Do you enjoy the rain poncho look??  Or are you still focused on Kelly's mouth?  Side note---the freak sitting in the very front of the log STOOD UP SEVERAL TIMES DURING THE RIDE AND AT UNSAFE TIMES!!!  I was so afraid they were going to bring the ride to a halt to remove him and we were all going to have to be escorted out of the ride.  I didn't enjoy him!
 Quiet morning....

This picture was only supposed to have two people in it...and it wasn't Ryan and Leah.

I can't believe this is the only picture I have of Vinnie.  How cute is this kid!!!  I could eat his cheeks!

Let's be honest...there was a reason Rich had two boys.  God knew he was too cheap to have a daughter.  The amount of money needed to have the whole princess experience would kill Rich where it hurts....his wallet. 

Something new for the trip...the boys got really into pin trading.  They would hunt castmembers down and trade pins all day long.

Ryan's pin collection.

Matt's pin collection.

My favorite picture of the trip!