Thursday, October 30, 2008

Costume Update!

Is Halloween over yet? If I close my eyes, will it finally be over? Okay. So, I totally bailed on the hot air balloon. People...I just couldn't do it. Some of you gave me some fantastic ideas. I appreciated the realistic creativity that most of you brought, however, the rest of you grossly overestimated my talents.

Plan B. New Costume. I ate a little crow when I sat down with Matt and broke the news to him that the hot air balloon would not be taking flight. He was disappointed for approximately 4.5 seconds and then said, "Okay, how about a cupcake?" I told him try again. So, we decided on a M & M Cookie. This I could do. For the grand total of $.47, the costume is done. It's fine. He loves it. He is very impressed, which is not saying much. My favorite part was yesterday while I was painting it he said I was doing such a good job keeping in the lines, "Does that make you an artist?" Oh, how cute is that? He has no idea that a paint by numbers is the only thing I am really capable of.

Now that the stress of the costume is over....the forecast had predicted rain.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tricks and Treats

Today the kids went over to my Mom's house and made some fun Halloween treats. First of all, let me say that my Mom and Aunt Leath totally went all out with art projects and cookie making.
When we got there this morning, the first thing they made were sugar cookies. My aunt was nice enough to let Matt roll out the cookie dough even after he sneezed on the ENTIRE LAYER OF ROLLED OUT DOUGH! I had to leave the room. After the cookies cooled, both the boys frosted and decorated them with Halloween sprinkles, m & m's and candy corn.
Next was a Halloween picture that both of them got to color. Matthew also did a maze and a word search while Ryan attempted to steal more m & m's.
They then moved on to the ghosts. These are way cool. In fact, I made one with my Aunt a LONG time ago and I remember getting it out every Halloween. My Mom and my Aunt were brilliant to think to make one the night before because they take overnight to set and there was no way we were leaving my Mom's today without Matt taking one home.
After that, the boys made little spiders out of pipe cleaners and glued eyes on the tops of their heads. These are so simple and so cute!
And finally, Matt made me a candy corn candle that will "Help light my way", he said. It will be in our window Halloween night so everyone knows that we are festive...just smart enough not to be home.:-)

Hats off to you---Mom and Leath!! What a great day of fun for the boys and a great way to get our holiday season off and go pour yourselves a glass of wine.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Costume!!!

Okay, I started asking Matthew what he wanted to be for Halloween months ago. I figured he might change his mind several times and I would get off the hook on some ridiculous costume...which I did at first. The first costume was a volcano. Yes, doesn't that sound simple? I was having trouble with how I was going to create some type of cone shaped object that fit over his head and then build the materials on top of it that looked like lava and molten rock, and also making it look like lava erputing out the top. Luckily he changed his mind---to a UPS driver.

So, this was easier, I just needed a brown short-sleeved button up shirt that Rich could break copyright laws and embroider the logo on, throw on some brown pants, hand him a clipboard and were done. Then, he changed his mind again---to a hot air balloon.

I am stuck! I send a "warm" thank you out to his nana and papa who took him to Ripon a few months back to see the hot air balloon races. Since then, the hot air balloon has been the only costume he has wanted. The problem is, I CAN'T DO IT! Last years garbage truck sucked all the creativity out of me. There is none left. I have tried to think about how to do this and I can't. HELP!!

Seriously...I am not kidding. If anyone has any suggestions that don't involve an actual balloon, (because it would probably pop within the first fifteen minutes of our evening sending him into hysterics) and you have a creative, realistic plan--Please let me know!!

By the way. Ryan is going to be Tigger, a costume passed down from his cousin Natalie. He will be fine because he puts part of it on daily and walks around the house bouncing.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mr. Independent

Matthew. Matthew. Matthew. This boy is all about independence. Which is great--sometimes. I know this is how kids learn. They need to try things, use problem solving techniques, and then we can slide in and help if needed. I have always said that the great thing about Matthew is you only have to show him how to do something once. Bam!--he's got it. The bad thing is---you only have to show him once. He remembers everything...except how to match colors when picking out clothes.

Today I had a staff day at school, so Rich took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese. Rich often takes the boys there to play for a few hours. I hate it there. I prefer being dropped off at Barnes and Nobles to sit down with a coffee and a book. Anyway I was out the door at 7:30 this morning and obviously not around when Matthew dressed himself. So here we go...Laker jersey (bright purple and yellow), red and navy striped basketball shorts, navy blue and yellow striped socks, black nike head band, and bright orange basketball wristbands. No one could have talked him out of this outfit if the world depended on it.

Obviously that day he and I sat down to talk "coordinating colors" was a waste of time.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Tummy Time

Lately, Ryan is giving a new meaning to the phrase "Tummy Time". Usually this means babies are put on the floor and practice getting stronger by holding up their head for certain periods of time. This is not the case anymore in the Marini house. Tummy time is now when Ryan chases us down, lifts his shirt and our shirt, and presses his belly to ours. It is bizarre and we have absolutely no explanation for it.

This started a few weeks ago and it hasn't stopped. Consider this a warning that you are fair game when you all come to visit! Maybe consider wearing something that can be tucked in. :-)

Thursday, October 9, 2008


After we left Disneyland we drove back through Carmel on the way home. It was a great way to end our trip...but I also had to make good on a dream.

Okay, let me explain. When I was pregnant with Ryan, I had a dream that we were walking on the beach in Carmel and there was Matt and beside him was another little boy and I was taking their pictures. They both had on khaki pants and white button down shirts. I think I knew after that dream that we were having another little boy.

So, Rich was kind enough for me to make good on my dream and take them to Carmel dressed the way I remembered so I can take their pictures. Here are a few of the pics!!

Mickey's House!!!

So, I didn't ditch them. I wanted to, but I didn' chips for me. Disneyland closes at 8:00pm on off-season weekday nights, so I felt obligated to tough it out with everyone. Which was fine because I watched the entire debate when I got back to the hotel after everyone was asleep.

So we made our final visit to Mickey's House courtesy of our annual pass. It was such a great trip because my mom, Noelle, and Natalie all joined us and they had a great time. Natalie LOVED every ride we took her on and she pretty much had a smile on her face from the time we walked through the gate to when we left. This trip was kind of a "make-up" from last year because we went this time last year for Natalie's second birthday and my mom was not able to come because of her back. This year she came and had a great time. The first day I took her on a rapids ride and she laughed the entire time, while she became soaked from head to toe, cursing me all the way. "This wasn't what I was expecting," she kept screaming the whole was great.

Matthew journeyed out of Fantasyland and Toon Town finally and went on Splash Mountain for the first time. Noelle sat ahead of us and kept looking back to see how he was doing. When Matthew gets scared or nervous he becomes silent and doesn't want to talk to anyone....and that is how he stayed for the duration of the ride. We told him that the next time we go back to Disneyland, he will be five and we will not be spending this much money to only go on the three rides he frequents...Dumbo, Little Roller Coaster, and the Tea Cups. So, from now on he must try other big kid rides or else we will be cutting our days at the happiest/most expensive place on earth!

Ryan had a blast. Went on all little rides and he loved Dumbo and the "Horsies". He was thrilled to see Pooh and Tigger and Minnie. He goes around saying "Mumbo", "Tiggey", "Pooh", "Onald Uck". This kid is too cute! This has to be my absolute favorite age. I can't wait to take him back again because we can still get away with telling him "One more time, then all done." and he is totally okay with it!!!

The funniest part of the trip came in the first hour, of the first day of our trip. We all were starving, after leaving at 4:00am for the drive, and immediately headed to a restaurant when we got there. As we sat down to eat, the Whittaker Family--Bob, Debbie, Aly, and Carly walked up said hello. Isn't funny how you can travel six hours from home and still run into people from Lodi? Scary...but true. It was so great to see them and catch up. The girls are so big now and it is hard to believe that I once babysat both of them as babies.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

To ditch or not to ditch?

So for the past couple of months, I have been glued to the tv, Internet, newspaper (online of course) watching and reading anything I can get my hands on about the election. I watched both conventions and all interviews done by the evening news and so on....again, soaking it all in.

So I find it ironic that on Thursday night when the two vice-presidential candidates take the what some call the most important of the four debates....I will be in line at Disneyland for some ride. Believe me when I say that I am trying to justify leaving my family to fly back to the hotel room to watch. To ditch or not to ditch? This is the question. Rich will accuse me of abandoning my family, my mother will think I am crazy, and my sister will do everything she can to join me. She too needs to feed this beast.

Stay tuned...