Monday, September 28, 2009

Dinner Time Antics

If you are a two year old, wanting to get out of dinner, and have tried EVERY OTHER EXCUSE known to man to get down from the table....what's next?

Well, maybe this line.....

Ryan: I can't eat anymore.

Mom: Yes you can, sit down and eat.

Ryan: I can' teeth are hurting me, so my can't eat anymore.

That's a new one.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well...better late than never. Right?

Today both boys were baptised at St. Anne's, the church where Rich and I were married. The baptism was perfect because it was done especially for us and our close friends the Locke's and the Burrell's. A total of six kids were baptised and they all did so good!

A picture of the boys before we left.

You didn't think we could get them to all look at the camera at the same time, right?







Monday, September 14, 2009


Sky diving is one of those things that tops my bucket list. I hate the term bucket list, but it is essentially the description of what you want to do before you die. I want to sky dive REALLY bad. I don't know why, but it has just been something I have always wanted to do.

Yesterday we drove to Sacramento because Rich found me a foot reflexology place that was cheap and runs a 10:00-11:00am deal. One hour for $12.99. Little excites me this much, but to say the least I was ECSTATIC!! As we were driving through the Lodi/Acampo area we looked up and saw all of the sky divers flying above us. The boys love them. I love them. As we were watching I said, "God, what a perfect day for a jump."

I had told Rich that I would do this one day. I would jump out of a plane on my own free will. However, I wouldn't do it until both the boys were older, because I simply can't justify to myself electively choosing to do something that could end my life and take a mother away from two boys. Yes, I could get in an accident tomorrow (God forbid), but still...the risk is not worth it for me. I would wait until they were grown, educated, and ready for life.

As we were driving back yesterday and say another group of jumpers scattered throughout the sky, I said to myself....SCREW IT! I'm, doing it! People do this every weekend and I am not going to wait. Just do it!

At 8:30 last night, Rich came in to the living room from being on the computer. He asked, "What time did we drive back from Sac yesterday?" Pause...."Um I think about 11:30am." Pause..."Well, today at about 1:30pm, two sky divers were killed in Acampo while practicing for a competition. There was actually three people who had their chutes tangled up and one of them was lucky enough to break free. The other two were not and they fell to their death."

I am a big believer in signs. And this is just short of somebody renting a Cal-Trans sign and putting it in my front lawn saying, "HEATHER...DO NOT GO SKY DIVING!"
Not now, at least.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Balloon Festival

We got up EARLY on Sunday to drive to Ripon to see the hot air balloons take off. They inflated a couple, but they never took off because of the wind. Matthew was interviewed by a local tv station....the one Rich is OBSESSED needless to say it made Matt's day. Enjoy!

Here we are...6:45am-ish. I am not usually up this early on the weekends. :-)

Here is Matthew being interviewed by Alan Sanchez

Daddy and Ryan.

Matthew and Alan

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here is the playroom. You know the saying "If you take it picture it will last longer?" Here's hoping....

And I thought I would share a sample of Ryan's artistic side.

His canvas...bathroom sink.
His paint...toothpaste.
His punishment...timeout.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rich vs. Heather

If you are out and about this weekend, head on over to the Marini's because we are having our annual garage sale for end of summer/early fall. Please don't confuse this one with the end of winter/early spring garage sale, or the spring is over/let's make room in the garage before summer is here, garage sale. This one is COMPLETELY different than those other ones. Get it straight people!

My goal for this garage sale, like ALL THE OTHERS, is to get rid of as much SH@# as I can. I am not the kind of person that has emotional attachment to things. I get emotionally attached to things like children and Sandra Brown books...but that is really about it. Now, my husband on the other hand, can't throw stuff away. He might entertain the idea of making money from it, but Goodwill doesn't benefit from him ever cleaning things out. If you went into his closet right now there would probably be a shirt HANGING UP from the late eighties. He probably wore it one night to God only knows where, has a "hysterical" story that happened while wearing the shirt, so it will be with him for life. Me, on the other hand, I have nothing in my closet from last fall. If I don't have empty hangers, then what would be my excuse to Rich to fill them up?

I have been working in the boys toy room for the past 45 minutes. I think I am making great progress. I have successfully chosen a few toys to keep for the boys and boxed the others with the price tag $.10 or free to good home. Our boys have too much. All kids do. But, here the deal. Christmas is a hop, skip and a jump away...and so is both of my boys birthdays. So every year when we plead to the grandparents not to get toys again, they pretty much laugh at us and attack Toys R Us like it is the dollar store. I am simply planning ahead.

What I would like to document now is the "I told you so" part of the post. My "I told you so" is this....Rich told me to go through their toy room and box up all of the stuff that I think should go in the garage sale. Okay, check! Now here is where it gets interesting...tonight, when he gets home from work and goes through EVERY box I have put together, he will take at least 40-50% of the stuff out of the box and say, "No. No. No. No. We are not getting rid of this. And this...Heather, don't you remember when they played that game last summer for five minutes and had so much fun. We're not getting rid of it so take it back in the house." That is my "I told you so." Do you remember my previous post where I mentioned that Rich might be a hoarder? I wasn't joking.

The funniest part of this...Matthew told his teacher he would not be in to school tomorrow (Friday) because he had to stay home to work the garage sale. His teacher simply looked at me and I assured her that he would be at school and not to worry, we only abuse child labor laws on the weekends.