Monday, October 20, 2008

The Costume!!!

Okay, I started asking Matthew what he wanted to be for Halloween months ago. I figured he might change his mind several times and I would get off the hook on some ridiculous costume...which I did at first. The first costume was a volcano. Yes, doesn't that sound simple? I was having trouble with how I was going to create some type of cone shaped object that fit over his head and then build the materials on top of it that looked like lava and molten rock, and also making it look like lava erputing out the top. Luckily he changed his mind---to a UPS driver.

So, this was easier, I just needed a brown short-sleeved button up shirt that Rich could break copyright laws and embroider the logo on, throw on some brown pants, hand him a clipboard and were done. Then, he changed his mind again---to a hot air balloon.

I am stuck! I send a "warm" thank you out to his nana and papa who took him to Ripon a few months back to see the hot air balloon races. Since then, the hot air balloon has been the only costume he has wanted. The problem is, I CAN'T DO IT! Last years garbage truck sucked all the creativity out of me. There is none left. I have tried to think about how to do this and I can't. HELP!!

Seriously...I am not kidding. If anyone has any suggestions that don't involve an actual balloon, (because it would probably pop within the first fifteen minutes of our evening sending him into hysterics) and you have a creative, realistic plan--Please let me know!!

By the way. Ryan is going to be Tigger, a costume passed down from his cousin Natalie. He will be fine because he puts part of it on daily and walks around the house bouncing.

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