Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mickey's House!!!

So, I didn't ditch them. I wanted to, but I didn' chips for me. Disneyland closes at 8:00pm on off-season weekday nights, so I felt obligated to tough it out with everyone. Which was fine because I watched the entire debate when I got back to the hotel after everyone was asleep.

So we made our final visit to Mickey's House courtesy of our annual pass. It was such a great trip because my mom, Noelle, and Natalie all joined us and they had a great time. Natalie LOVED every ride we took her on and she pretty much had a smile on her face from the time we walked through the gate to when we left. This trip was kind of a "make-up" from last year because we went this time last year for Natalie's second birthday and my mom was not able to come because of her back. This year she came and had a great time. The first day I took her on a rapids ride and she laughed the entire time, while she became soaked from head to toe, cursing me all the way. "This wasn't what I was expecting," she kept screaming the whole was great.

Matthew journeyed out of Fantasyland and Toon Town finally and went on Splash Mountain for the first time. Noelle sat ahead of us and kept looking back to see how he was doing. When Matthew gets scared or nervous he becomes silent and doesn't want to talk to anyone....and that is how he stayed for the duration of the ride. We told him that the next time we go back to Disneyland, he will be five and we will not be spending this much money to only go on the three rides he frequents...Dumbo, Little Roller Coaster, and the Tea Cups. So, from now on he must try other big kid rides or else we will be cutting our days at the happiest/most expensive place on earth!

Ryan had a blast. Went on all little rides and he loved Dumbo and the "Horsies". He was thrilled to see Pooh and Tigger and Minnie. He goes around saying "Mumbo", "Tiggey", "Pooh", "Onald Uck". This kid is too cute! This has to be my absolute favorite age. I can't wait to take him back again because we can still get away with telling him "One more time, then all done." and he is totally okay with it!!!

The funniest part of the trip came in the first hour, of the first day of our trip. We all were starving, after leaving at 4:00am for the drive, and immediately headed to a restaurant when we got there. As we sat down to eat, the Whittaker Family--Bob, Debbie, Aly, and Carly walked up said hello. Isn't funny how you can travel six hours from home and still run into people from Lodi? Scary...but true. It was so great to see them and catch up. The girls are so big now and it is hard to believe that I once babysat both of them as babies.

Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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