Monday, January 9, 2012

Golden Birthday

Happiest of Birthdays Ryan!  It is Ryan's golden birthday because he turned five on the fifth of January!!  We really don't ever have birthday parties for the boys because their birthdays always fall during the time that we usually head to the Mouse's House so that is their "party" whether they choose it or not.  Best parents ever!

During Christmas and the present pallooza, we had to sit the kids down and one point and remind them that getting gifts is an added bonus to the holiday...which fell on deaf ears...and that they need to remember that when people give them gifts, that they need to realize that other people spent their hard earned money on it and they also picked what they thought was the best gift for that person.  Well, Ryan was listening!!!  And this was the conversation the night before that proved it:

Ryan:  I can't wait to see all of my presents tomorrow!!!  How many do you think I will get??

Mom:  I don't know, we will have to wait and see.

Ryan:  Ten?  Twenty?  MORE?

Mom:  No, not ten or twenty!  Ryan, if you get ONE gift tomorrow, you should be thankful.

Ryan:  (getting frustrated and whining)  Mom, I know that!!!  (pausing...pausing, then whispering) But how many do you think there actually is??

What can you do...he is only five.

Presents first!!

Matthew patiently waiting for Ryan to open his gifts.  He is smiling because he know he gets to put them all together.

Tom and Jerry never get old in this house.

When I asked Ryan what he wanted for breakfast he asked what were his choices.  I then made a list of about nine things and he picked three...then demanded I serve him in bed.  Could you say no to that face???

Oatmeal, cheese and egg biscuit, and an egg and bacon lean pocket.  He ate one thing.

When Matt had his birthday "all" the way back in November, he got a lot of football stuff from his favorite teams the Packers.  As he opened all of it, Ryan kept saying, "I want that for my birthday!  Can you get me that for my birthday??"  Ryan's favorite team is also the Packers...get where I am going with this??  However, technically to have a game, they can't be the same team.  So, Ryan was gracious enough to pick another team...The Bears, because the logo is a cute bear face.  I really can't make this stuff up.  Anyway, now that Ryan was geared up, it was time for a game.

Don't they look evenly matched???

Round 1...let's do this!

He couldn't be happier with his new gear...even though his pants tend to slip down and he can barely see out of his helmet.  He wouldn't have it any other way.

Two hand touch Matt...I dare you to try and pass me!

Yep...I'm FIVE!!!!

Wonder what his wish was....

Bowling Saturday morning!!

No bumpers needed!!  Well, maybe needed, but it was a lucky shot!

The stare down!

And finally, on Sunday to conclude Ryan's birthday weekend, we headed to our first Kings game of the season!  Truth be told, this was really more of a gift for me because I kinda love Dwight Howard and with Richard and Sharon's great seats I could take some great pictures of him.  He barely played because he was in early foul trouble and so he was by us most of the night.  He is a kid getting paid to play his favorite game.

And finally...if your computer is turned up then please excuse the Britney Spears song but it is Ryan's favorite song right now and I had to play it.  I wish more than anything that I had a hidden camera installed in my car and I could share with you Ryan singing and somewhat performing in the back seat when we go places.  The best way to describe him Chris Kattan in the Night at the Roxbury when he dances with his head bobbing to one side over and over and over again.  And as we watch and laugh, he gets so mad and tells us to look away.  I tell him if I look away while driving (I can see him in my mirror), we crash, so that is not possible.  So I am only to look at the road and other cars.  Dance away Ryan!

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