Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl...Super Fan

Ahhh...I do love me some Payton Manning.  I am just so sorry that someone forgot to tell him to show up Sunday for the Super Bowl.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Also, watching Julius Thomas suit up and play in the Super Bowl gives me chills.  We used to go and watch some of his basketball games because he played with a nephew of a friend of ours and it is an amazing accomplishment for him and well deserved. 

Super Bowl Sunday started out as it has the last three years.  A fun, drag out flag football game down at the park.  No one cried this year, which is an accomplishment in itself.  What is a Super Bowl Sunday without a little dirt bowl of our own!

Three girls against all these boys!  And let me tell you....they can hold their own!  Makes me proud!

Such a great group of kids!!!

And on to the game!!  So this family was happy today!  Jason, born and raised in Seattle, was BESIDE himself with joy and excitement!  There aren't enough words to describe his happiness.  Everyone decked out in new gear for the big game!

You know we have issues when we set a three item limit to how many things each of us would have/make.  And all of us blew that rule to shame and this is a sampling of a fraction of what was available.

He was making his world famous garlic we were smart to not piss off the cook.

Beast Mode celebration!

Almost over....

Who loves Rich's salute to me????  This is one stand up guy!

All smiles. 

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