Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year!!

New Years Eve....Cards Against Humanity.  Funniest game I have played in a long time.  If you have the chance, play it and enjoy.  And get a babysitter.  Ear muffs needed.

I know, I know...I am about to post more pictures of Disneyland and they will probably be as nauseating as all the other one have been, but I don't care.  My sister put in a request to go and we are in the people pleasing business here.  It's what we do.  So, this was hardly a hardship for us.  Packing and planning for this place to me is easier than writing a grocery list for the week.  We were so excited to all go and it was a great time.

I love this.  This was the conversation we had at 2:00am when we got in the car to leave.
Ryan: How many friends can I take with me? 
Me:  Two.
Ryan:  Two??  I cant' leave the other two minions at home, they will be so upset they missed out.  I have to bring them. 
Me:  Then keep them all together and don't lose them. 

Here is Miss Natalie right before Radiator Springs.  We had told my sister and brother-in-law that we wanted to try and take her on some new rides this time to see how well she did.  And she loved them!!  Any time there was wind blowing in her face, she was a happy girl!

She was such a good sport!  She is ready to go!

Auntie Noelle and Ryan.

Some Christmas shots.
There were a FEW people there.  That's what happens when you schedule a trip to DL in between the Rose Bowl and the BCS Championship game held in the same stadium days apart.  We all had the same idea.

She has never been so happy to be on Dumbo again!

Boys right behind the girls cup!

First ride on the Little Rollercoaster.  I love that Matt was turning around to see how she was doing and if she liked it.

 Small World Happiness.

 New rides are fun! 

Me and my boys on Splash.

Matthew took his This Is Sharks Territory sign for his photobombing missions.

Come on!!!  How cute is this!

Favorite picture of Natalie from the trip.  This is what pure joy looks like!

 ANDDDDDD.....this guy turned SEVEN while we were there!  No, not him, the other one.

Cool people to spend your birthday with!

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