Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oy Vey!!

My cup runneth over.  Not only has it runneth over, it's dripping off the counter and there is a puddle on the floor.  Too much going on a once makes Mommy a little off her rocker.  I feel a little rest in the horizon, so all should be well shortly.

My sister and Natalie were here for two weeks!!! It was Noelle's 20 year reunion and so it was the perfect excuse for her to come out for the visit! We had so much fun, doing nothing really, just hanging out and being together.  Toward the end of the trip when I would walk into my mom's house, Natalie would take me back to the front door as to tell me to leave because she had figured out that every time I showed up, I usually left and took Noelle with me.  She was done with us having our outings!!

Ryan...right smack dab in the middle of Natalie's "book display".  Doesn't he look guilty of something????

My sweet girl!!!  I stole as many kisses as possible.

The annual "lets put them together and hope one turns out" picture!

Noelle and Natalie!!

Don't be fooled by these next two shots....they only want ONE thing and they are trying to use their charm to get it.

The ipad for Angry Birds supersized!!!  Even though they loved Angry Birds, we held some pretty serious Yahtzee games as well.  Matthew hates to lose, so after Nana posted the highest score, he was in the zone!

Love!!  Love this picture!!  The boys and Noelle right before she left for her reunion.

Noelle and Lynn!!!!

Me and my girl!!!

And in all of this craziness....SCHOOL STARTED!!!!  Shortest summer ever!

Just look at that face...still somewhat asleep...isn't he darling!!!  Ryan started on the same day as Matthew and I, so I took Matt and Daddy took Ryan.

The big third grader!  He's still cute...but I am losing the hair battle.  He REFUSES to cut it and I have no clue whether I have any rights to shave it while he's asleep. 

In mom's classroom waiting patiently for the bell to ring!

And finally...the best picture from the visit!!!  Yep, we got lucky!!!!

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