Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ryan's Soccer!!

First of all....let me knock on wood...he has played in every game so far.  I think we were ALL holding our breath these past couple of weeks.  Would this be the game he decides he's done?  Would we have to promising him everything just short of a brand new car when he is 16 to play five minutes of a game???  Because we came close last season, very close!

We are three weeks in and we have three weeks to go.  There has not been a "green socks" sighting yet...but, we think we'll play him soon.  There has been a "you know that number 4 kid" and a "that kid with long hair like Matthew".  These are all opponents that he has played against and thinks about after games.  We discuss them at length during the week and I do my best to assure him that we either won't be playing them again OR that he will be fine playing against them if they do meet again by chance.  These are the conversations we have all week....ALL week, I say!

Morning warm-ups.  He looks....well, you decide for yourself.

Fyi---"Boy with long hair like Matthew" is the one to the left.  He was quick, very quick!

Every time Ryan had a break away, "boy with long hair like Matthew" was right there. was that hot.

Ryan with his teammate Zoe.  Her dad is the coach and he is fabulous and soooo good with the kids.

Yep, there he is again.  I found myself yelling..."Ryan...Man on, man on!!!"  Then it occurred to me...he doesn't know what the hell I am talking about and that this is TOT SOCCER!!!  I need help.

Score one for number 7!

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