Sunday, January 11, 2009

Disneyland and Ryan's Birthday

So, I thought I would share a quick couple of pictures from our first Disney trip of the year. We arrived on Friday, January 2nd, and compared to last year at this exact time...IT WAS CRAZY PACKED! We figured everyone who was in LA for the Rose Bowl decided to make a weekend out of it and head to Disney. So, us and 50,000 other freaks, fought for spaces in lines all weekend.

So, our game plan was simple. GO ON NEW RIDES!! We had explained to Matt that we were done camping out at the five rides we continuously go on and he needed to be brave and try some new ones. Apparently that begins next trip. The pics I am about to share are just us on the same rides you have seen before...just different clothing.

Something very cool that we had not seen before at Christmas, was this whole section in the back of Thunder Mountain that had reindeer. We all got a little geeked out by it and could have spent hours just hanging out back there. What is super funny is Matt had asked me the week before if I had ever seen a real reindeer and I said yes. He then asked what he would have to do to see one, and I told him I didn't have any idea. Little did I know that I just had to spend a couple hundred dollars in entrance fees to make this happen. What an expensive wish come true!

Here is Rich and the boys getting a picture with Goofy. Ryan still has a fear of being close to any of the characters, and yet still demands that we wait in line to see them. He won't make eye contact with them, however is a chatterbox as we walk away. He's all talk! Take a close look at this picture of Matthew. This is in the Brother Bear play area in California Adventure. Rich and Matt spend HOURS here so that Matt can ride this cable/tire swing. He is completely upside down.

And the castle.

And here is some pics from Ryan's birthday. If you think we are Disney freaks, because of all of the gifts and cups and napkins and plates....well, Ryan is obsessed right now and we are totally feeding this beast. Matthew was the same with Finding Nemo, and we went nuts with that too.

Please click on the picture of the card to Ryan from Matthew. It is super cute and he wouldn't let us sign our names because as he said to us, "I've got this."

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