Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

First of all, if I may put my two cents in on the commentary for the day...

Somebody needs to explain this to me. How is it possible for several dozen grown men to sit around for hours on end talking about a football game. Grown men bring out other grown men to relive the experience of playing a game of football. They get all excited, wear their oversized super bowl rings, and reminisce about the greatest day of their lives. I don't get it. Here's why...

1. Most of them are married, with children, so the "most important" day of their life should have been either their wedding day or the birth of child A, B, C, D, or E. (Depending on who it is)

2. The super bowl is the championship of the NFL. Which means that pretty much everyone playing the game, was born in the USA. Now, this weekend is the opening ceremonies for the remember them, it's where thousands of athletes go up against each other, all from different countries, competing for the title BEST IN THE WORLD! Kind of on a different scale...

3. The ultimate pat on the back. Back to the grown men who brought out the other grown men to "Tell us about the day you played. What is going on in the players mind? What was going on in your mind that day? How did you deal with playing on the biggest stage in all professional sports? What advice would you give to the players in the locker room waiting right now to come out and play the biggest game of their life?"

Cancer has not been cured. World peace has not been accomplished. And yes, another super bowl game is on the books.

On to the pictures....

Uncle Gee (Kelvin), invited us over for some super bowl fun. We had so much fun and the kids had a blast playing together. It was also fun for the adults to catch up on some much needed gab time.

The spread....

Steve sporting his Dallas sad.

Matthew and Timothy

Little Lauren...I ache at how old she looks.

The host...he is a trooper.

The boys planning another guys trip to Vegas.

Ryan scaring Timothy with the dinosaur. Despite the picture, they played well together.

Matthew playing with Gee's remote control car (the replica is the garage).

Ryan attempting to hula hoop.

Who's got more comp??? What casino? Where are we going? Who's paying?

Did someone say cake???

Happy Birthday Mel!!!!

Mommy and Ryan. Again, the love he show knows no boundaries....

Partners in crime...Ryan and Uncle Steve.

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