Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Happiest of Mother's Day to all mothers.

I kicked off my Mother's Day at my happiest place yesterday...The Spa at Wine and Roses.
I have to thank my dear friend Jenn who is one of the managers there and suggested someone who she thought I would enjoy for my masseuse.  Best. Massage. Ever.  Me and the MGC Ladies went to an early breakfast and then headed over to The Nest where we abused our bathrobe and flip flop privileges of lounging for a couple of hours, enjoying our services, and then lounging for a couple more hours.  It was such a beautiful day we even threw on our suits and took in a little sun.  After, we headed for a late lunch before returning back to reality.  It was heavenly and just what we all needed.

Sunday morning, I woke up to a VERY anxious little boy who was so over this "waiting for Mother's Day" thing to happen.  He stood over me just until he was positive I was awake and then ran into the living room, "She's awake, she's awake."  Okay, technically...I wasn't and I REALLY wanted to roll over and continue sleeping, but I thought I had tortured him enough.  You see, it is SO difficult for a five year old to make a gift for you days before and keep it a secret.  He has wanted to tell me for days what he made me and I have cut him off several times yelling..."Don't tell me!!!  I don't want to know!!  I want to be surprised!!!"  Because I do.  I LOVE surprises.  I don't like it when I know what I am getting...ever.  Remember Rich knowing that we were having boys each time and I didn't have a clue???  That's's my thing.  Period.  So, I held true to my guns and I wouldn't let him tell me.  And it made this morning even better.

As I rolled over to get up, I noticed two maps on the pillows next to me. One from Matthew and the other from Ryan. They were maps to each of my gifts. Maps in hand, I headed down the hall for a game of "warmer/colder." I found Ryan's first (not because of the map...because the map was...unique). When I found it he squealed with delight and I finally was able to open his gift.

Ryan kept saying, "See Mom, it's from me.  It says, 'Love, Ryan'.  See, and that person is me.  It says Ryan."

My candle holder...  How sweet is this??

The next treasure I found (from the more accurate map) was from Matt.

This is the first of two cards from Matthew.

Do you love the "letting me live"?  And then asking for something in return...

And here is me in my housecoat. 

Okay, I'm over the housecoat....look what he put inside. :)

After the gifts, we headed to breakfast.  The best part of breakfast was Matthew and his meal.  By the time we actually got to breakfast, it was late and the boys were HUNGRY!  Matthew wanted pancakes and not just kid pancakes, but adult pancakes...two adult pancakes.  We tried to tell him that it was too much, but he insisted he could finish them both.  Even our waitress looked at him and said, "Really?"

He is feeling pretty confident.

Last bite...

I am not proud of this at all!!!!!!!!!!

One should not be so pleased with himself...he doesn't even look miserable!  However, when you have your younger brother chanting, "Man vs. Food, Man vs. Food, Man vs. Food!!!," it gives you that extra boost to finish off your meal.

After that we headed home for a day of laziness.  I finished Book Two of Fifty Shades, started another book, napped, had dinner, then booked my two spa treatments for our Hawaii trip.  All in all....a good day.  I'm blessed!

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