Monday, September 10, 2012


I first want to say that I love and adore my nephew Mason.  Love him to death....and that is why I haven't hurt him yet.  Because when Mason gets a hobby....Matt and Ryan get a hobby too.  And when Matt takes on a hobby...HE TAKES ON A HOBBY!!!!  Ryan dabbles in it and shows interest occasionally.  Not Matt...he is all in, every time.  And that is why it is a good thing that my darling, sweet, adorable nephew lives several hours from me because tonight I'm not a fan of his because as a twelve year old would say....HE STARTED THIS!!!!

You see Mason got interested in fishing a couple of months ago and brought his pole to Lodi to do some fishing with his cousins.  Matt and Ryan had fished before with my mom and each of them actually have their own poles for an occasional dip in the water at Lodi Lake.  But they didn't have weights, or lures, or tackle boxes.  They now do.  I'm sure Mason meant well by wanting to share this new fun adventure with Matt and Ryan, but he doesn't live with Matt and he hasn't had to answer the hundreds of questions from Matt about fishing, and lures, and weights, and on and on.  Lucky him. 

Well, when you talk non-stop about something, and a Nana is around, she is bound to jump all over it.  And jump she did.  She has taken them to Lodi Lake several times and to Oak Park in Stockton.  Sadly, not one fish has been caught.  How do we solve that????  Take them to a place where they stock the pond with fish!!!

And it was off to Apple Hill they went.  Fishing pole, tackle box, and refrigerated LL Bean tote in hand, it was time for some fishing.

Not only was he successful in a very short amount of time (again, stocked pond), but he was so successful that he was able to catch four fish.  FOUR!!!  Pretty cool right????  Nana is taking pictures, Aunt Leath is there to help, everyone is having a great time!!

And then I get this picture.

And I send my mom a text that says....  Why does he still have them?????  Isn't this catch and release????

And her response....wait for it...wait for it.... No...$100 fine...must pay and take.  They will clean and're welcome.



Nope, she wasn't.

So, fast forward to today.  One day later because I fear the is time to prepare the fish.  Please keep in mind that the "clean and cut" she promised...was actually "removed insides, fish still looks like a fish, just now with no intestines".  And you know this boy was right next to me, watching to see how I was going to do this, and asking me why I kept gagging. 

Fishy number 1.

Today at lunch I sat and listened to my co-workers try and help me with how I was not only going to prepare this thing, but how exactly I was going to make it look like the nice men at Safeway do so that I wasn't completely grossed out with it still looking at me. Then it occurred to me that I wasn't going to eat it...and neither was Ryan.... and definitely not Rich.  So why do I care???   As gross as it was, we followed the whole fish microwave directions and zapped this guy like it was a frozen dinner!

I refuse to show the picture of the fish, wrapped in it's damp paper towel coffin.  But I did think this was cool and Matt and I did like looking at the spine and bones.

Here is the proof he ate his catch!!!!  The other three fish are in a undisclosed location and that will stay between me and Waste Management.  

After all of that I asked him if he liked it and what did he think of the taste. 

His response---It's good, but it really just tastes like chicken.

I had to walk away.

I need to get my nephew a new hobby.

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