Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Hodge Podge

Merriest of Christmases!!!  We have had a busy last couple of weeks and so I thought I would just share some stuff through pictures!

Real quick, an update from my last post.  Going into school that Monday after the tragedy of Sandy Hook was hard, emotional, and necessary.  If I haven't said this before, I love my class this them!!!  I actually enjoy spending the day with them and sometimes it doesn't even feel like work.  So, last Monday I sat down with them and we talked about what had happened as a class.  I lasted about twenty seconds before I started crying and they knew it was very difficult for me to talk about certain things.  I apologized to them for how emotional I was and they were very understanding.  I simply told them that it was not only hard for me as teacher, but as a parent because Ryan is almost six years old and all the kids who lost their lives were either six or was a little to close to home.  One boy then realizing what I was saying, buried his face in his hands and didn't look up for a very long time.  Ryan is a fixture in my class as he visits once or twice a week after he gets out of kindergarten and they love him to pieces, so they got it.  A girl in my class raised her hand and said, "Mrs. Marini, what would you do to protect us?"  I told her that I was so glad she asked that because I had been thinking about it all weekend and I told them what I thought might be best and they seemed content with my answer.  As I was wrapping up our talk I said, "If you leave with anything is a safe place.  You are safe here, always."

Later that afternoon we made these and put them in our window.  Every kid was assigned a name and they were very calm and quiet while doing this out of respect. 

And now...on to the holidays.

I was able to run over to Matt's room on last day of school and peak at him making a gingerbread house in his classroom.

On Sunday, the other Marini Family came to town to celebrate Christmas.  We were planning to head to Del Oso Farms and go sledding again, but the weather was horrible and so we decided to move the fun indoors.  The kids made gingerbread houses together and had a great time!!

Finished results...I'm going out on a limb and guessing that you all could guess which one belonged to Mikayla.


After dinner there was some present opening and then some intense Bingo played for prizes.

Some of us didn't win one time...others, cleaned house with prizes.  In the end, everyone got something.

Ryan had a VERY hard time parting with the mini skillet.  However, thank goodness he did because as you can see...everything turns into a weapon with him.

Yep...they are cute.  And yep...they are related.

A few years ago I made Matt sit with me and watch The Polar Express.  He loved it!!!  Since then, we have watched it every Christmas Eve and I love that it has become our tradition.  This was the shot I took from my bed with each boy laying beside me.  Bliss...

Luckily I was half awake Christmas morning because I heard both of them tear out of their rooms and fly around the corner on their way to the living room.  I yelled....STOP!!!  And lucky for them, they listened. :)

And they're off!!!

Boy...this shirt just has so many meanings.  And it belongs on his body!

He was desperate for new slides.

This next gift cost us $12.99 and it was the gift Rich and I were most excited for them to open.

365 days until the next 11 minute party!  Merry Christmas!!!!

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