Sunday, January 20, 2013

Basketball Season A-Go-Go!!!

Somehow we have three basketball leagues going, with only two boys.  And "lucky" for us, only one weekend has a conflict.  So, that means on Saturdays when we leave for Ryan's game in the morning, we better have everything we need for the rest of the day, including both of Matt's jerseys, food, and water.

A couple of pictures from this weekend.

This was the exact moment Ryan realized that his old best friend from preschool was on the team they were playing.

Maybe a bit of a ball hog....just maybe.

This shot was taken actually BEHIND the basket. 

 Break away series....

Score...yep, it went in.

During the last period of the game, Ryan and his teammate decided to assess his injury and see what action should be taken to make it better.

I'm not going to lie...this doesn't look good.

A little cool breeze always seems to do the trick.

Round two...Matt is playing on a city league team.  Most of these boys have been on his team before, the only difference this year....It just occurred to me they all could be in my class next year.  So when I am screaming and cheering them on...they will just need to know Mrs. Marini is a "little" different in class.

Rich is helping out as an assistant coach this year.  This is a good thing.  Let me explain.  Sitting next to him on the sidelines, listening to every thought in his head come out his mouth...more often critical of the boys' play than not enjoyable.  And when he is coaching...he doesn't say a thing.  AT ALL!!!  Several times yesterday during Matt's Upward game, the one he is not the coach of, everyone around us was able to hear his every thought.  So, after a long, loud discussion last night, we decided it is best if we don't sit next to each other at games.  I'm just putting that little disclaimer out there so people understand why we may not act like we know each other for 45 minutes.  

He hasn't hit a three yet...but he has come incredibly close several times.  He won't stop until it hits.

Side story, not basketball related...
Friday night Rich ran to Target to pick up treats and drinks for Matt's game.  Because of the fact that every time he goes to Target, I usually get a string of texts asking me questions, I took my phone into the bathroom to have near me when I took a bath.  Is that too much information???  Well chill, because the bath is the only way to defrost my body due to the fact you can hang meat in our house because it is just that cold.  Anyway, as I was thawing inch by inch, I reached up to grab my nook and totally forgot that I had placed my CELL PHONE on top of it, and when I brought my nook down to open phone slid right in the tub.

The string of expletives that came out of my mouth would make a truck driver blush.  This was not the first time I have had a phone go for a swim...and it didn't end well last time.  So I immediately stood up and ripped it apart, taking the battery and SIM card out and drying them off right away.  I ran to the computer, looked up best ways to solve my little problem, sent out a couple of emails letting my family know what I had done and not to text me...and told them that I hadn't told Rich yet, so remember to bury me in something cute with amazing shoes!

Following the advice I had found online, I then went and got the vacuum and proceeded to use the hose to suck any water that may still be in the phone out.  As I was doing this, Rich walked in the door.  Look on his face when he saw the vacuum hose sucking a disabled cell phone was...priceless???  He rolled his eyes and said..."What now?  How did it happen this time??"  I refrained from saying it was all his fault, but knowing that it wasn't true I just said...."I don't want to talk about it, just let me do what I think I have to and see if it works." 

16 LONG HOURS LATER...I pulled it from rice and put it back together.  And so works.  SO FAR.... I feel like I am patiently waiting for it to start sizzling and die.

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