Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My girlfriend Kelly is one of the funniest people I know.  Today's title is for her, for two reasons: One, she told me that I am slacking on the blog and it was unacceptable.  And two, she has coined the phrase "Rude" that we all use pretty frequently now in a very "Kelly" way to show our displeasure about certain things.  So yeah, in response to her nagging me that there is no new posts, this is for her....


Okay, so last weekend we kicked off Fall Sports Craziness.  Matthew is playing flag football and Ryan started soccer.  Matthew's game was at 9:00, and Ryan's at 10:00...this is not how we are supposed to start a new season of sports.  And they practice on the same night, not at the same time, but of course one ends when the other one needs to be at his and so we have had to rely on friends to help out.  It take a village takes a village.

I have no pictures of Matthew's game.  And I feel bad about that, so I will make up for it this weekend.  I took some at Ryan's game on my phone and they are okay, but not great.  There was a bit of a crisis situation this weekend when I asked Rich to make sure our camera was charged for the games and it turns out that something is wrong with it and it is not working.  This is not okay with me.  Not having my camera working is right up there with my phone going for a swim.  No bueno.  We are leaving for vacation in October and it needs to be fixed by then.  I can't do a vacation with no camera because I have never gone on a vacation without at camera and I don't plan on starting now.  I live with it around my neck and I will feel off the entire trip if it is not there.  And...AND...There is a caravan of us heading to the Mouse's House and the Locke's are FINALLY TAKING THEIR KIDS TO DISNEYLAND and I plan on capturing it all on film.  Having a broken camera is not an option.  (That's the sentence you'll hear if you stop by my house and stay for a few hours because every few hours I repeat it to my husband...just in case he wasn't listening all the other times.)

And speaking of phones taking bad pictures, we are due for an upgrade.  This can't come at a better time.  I hate my phone.  It can't hold power and I feel like a phone with no power dictates the rest of my day and how I feel.  For our anniversary Richard and Sharon took us to see Jerry Seinfeld in Stockton...he was FABULOUS!!!!  Just beyond funny.  However, the funniest part of the night was when he talked about cell phones and charging and how it basically ruled your day to day life.  If you had a full charge...the world was wonderful and life could carry on.  If you were running a low or almost dead charge...your life was almost over and your could not function at all.  Nail on head.  Rich and I were laughing so  hard because it summed me up in a nice little box with a pretty little bow on top.  We have narrowed down the phone choice to two different phones.  My only requirement was that it had a good camera and can hold a charge for longer that one hour and thirty-seven minutes.  That's it, that is all I care about.  He wants me to watch all of the reviews and listen to what the CNET techies...and let's be honest, they have NO life...have to say and make my decision based on how they think the phone "flows".  When I heard one had a 13 pixel camera and the other had a 10, as far as I was concerned the discussion was over.  I made up my mind months ago and it HASN'T CHANGED.  I have never met someone who will research something for months and only own it for two years.  So, if you run into me and I am in a good mood and peppy and pleasant...I either have a new phone or I have just walked away from an outlet after staring at my phone gain bars by the hour. 

First game of the year.  He was the only one on his team to score the goals!

Staring down an opponent is a necessity at this age, right?

This boy could not be happier about playing goalie.  He is defense driven and now that his age group has an actual goalie...he is in heaven.

We lost the game 4-2, which is fine.  However, no goals were scored while this dude had the gloves on.

I've got this!

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