Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hook, Line, Sinker.

I think I should write a book that is titled...You Know Your Boys Have Been To Nana's Bobbie's House Because________________. 

I imagine that they secretly get together and draw up their proposals on how they will pitch her their next big idea or plan.  Who will say what?  Who's in charge of internet research that will be presented?  Who comes in at the end to close the deal?  And, really, why wouldn't they?  I am pretty sure she has NEVER said no, which makes this whole process basically a sure thing. 

So, Operation Crab Fishing was brought to the boardroom (that's the kitchen table on a Thursday night at her house) about a month or so ago, and this was the text I got after the monsters laid out their spiel.  "Do you have any time over the break that you aren't doing anything?  The boys want to go crab fishing.  And Leath's friend lives in Half Moon Bay and people go crab fishing there."

Boys---67   Nana Bobbie---0   (I'd play those odds as well)

Bright and early---we are set to go!

So last Friday we (Nana, Aunt Leath, Matt, Ryan, and Mom) set out for a day of crabbing.  And because we are  "beginners", this is what we had in our car:

Fishing poles--check
Tackle boxes--check
A collapsible crab cage that we don't really know how to use--check
Refrigerated chest to bring home dinner--check
Change of clothes--check

When we got to Joe and Karen's (friends of my Aunt's who live in Half Moon Bay and a block from the beach, who's jealous?), we soon realized that we would need to stop at a bait store just to make sure we had everything that we would need for the day.

When we arrived at the bait shop, it was clear that we needed "stuff".  Stuff like crab snares, bait, hooks...want me to keep going?  We had "rookies" written all over our faces, almost like a neon sign above our heads flashing, "They know nothing, sell them everything!"  However, the damage was not too bad and the man was super nice and helpful.  I think he felt sorry for us and customer service is obviously important to him.

We headed down the street to the Pacifica Pier.  Did I mention how gorgeous the day was?  We had originally planned for Wednesday, but had to postpone because of a storm.  So glad we did, because it was a perfect day.

So the nice man at the bait place told us to load the bait, drop the snare, wait 7-10 minutes and then pull up.  No joke....within 10 minutes of being there, we had hooked our first crab.  You would have thought we were filming an episode of the Deadliest Catch and the single crab we pulled in was what we were all retiring off of.

Squid.  Crabs snack of choice. 

Don't let that smile fool you.  He is here for the snacks only.

His fishing photo-op of the day.

All business.  Reeling in his first crab.

 Hey look....those $7 snare traps actually work.

After that first one, it was addictive.  I was grabbing squid, folding their little bodies in half like they were gummy worms, and stuffing them into the bait holder so that we could drop it as many times as necessary.  I think we counted a total of seven crab that were caught.  The first one was too small, so back to the drink it went.  And then we caught our keeper, that we "measured" so it would be an "acceptable" length to keep (we were keeping it regardless).  All others either broke free before they reached us, or crawled to their safety by taking a suicidal plunge back in the water on their own.

The money shot.  See this face folks?  This is the face of a happy boy.  A happy boy who is holding up a crab with a kitchen oven mitt.  We're professionals now, with it.

"Mom, stick the squid in quick.  The crab are eating!!!"

Just a peek over the ledge.  Gives you an idea of how high up we were and how we lost a few as they untangled themselves and dropped to safety.

Finally.  A keeper!

We kept telling each other to not look to closely at him because guilt could make us set him free.  "Don't get attached.  Don't get attached.  Don't get attached.  And whatever you do--don't name him!"

 Dinner. Party of One. 

 Aunt Leath---you are a rock star!  She was such a good sport to join us and we loved having her there.  And we are so sorry we couldn't share the crab due to the fact there wasn't enough to share....

 On to the next spot!  This place we would have never found on our own.  It pays to know the locals!

It was like we had the place to ourselves.

And who's grateful for the pair of boots my mom ordered and didn't fit in????  MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were you curious at all as to why we brought a change of clothes?  Curiosity, meet Ryan.  His mother knows him well.

So happy.

Ryan was obsessed! Hermit crabs galore!

Crab fishing in water that is 8 inches deep.  Go ahead and try and tell him it won't work.  Go on, I dare you.   He's exhausting some times.

 Final crab of the day.  He was so tiny.  This guy could have been a pet. :)


 And then this happened......

Is it me, or is he basically staring me down?  I can almost hear the thoughts going through his head and they aren't kind.  (As the song from the Little Mermaid is blaring in my head)

Don't care.  He was delicious!

We eat what we catch in this family!!!  (Okay, that was funny to write and funny to read)

So...what will our next adventure be?  What I don't understand is why they haven't asked to do a more in depth study of the migration patterns of the orca whales in the Pacific Ocean.  I mean, when is THAT going to be brought to the boardroom?  I am almost positive they have Carnival Cruises for things like that!!!!

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