Monday, February 23, 2015

Sharks Winter Classic!!

Saturday night, the wait was over!  Finally. The Sharks vs. Kings Winter Classic.

We bought these tickets MONTHS ago.  And guess what, MONTHS ago we were super excited and all pumped up...until we realized that the game was MONTHS away, and then it was like the game that was never going to get here.  And then it did.

The eight of us piled in our car (the only redeeming value my car still has is that it holds eight comfortably) and headed to Levi Stadium.  We were so excited for a number of reasons:  Sharks vs. Kings games are always good, we got to see Levi Stadium for the first time, and most exciting was that this was the first game that all eight of us have gone at the same time.  Usually it's couples only or each of our family's, which is fine, but we have all wanted to go together for the longest time.
The three amigos in the WAY back!  Poor Kendall.  I owe her a prize for putting up with Ryan all night.  He was exceptionally bothersome and she was such a good sport!
Lauren in the middle row and me photo bombing in the back.
The eight is enough selfie.  What a fun group!!!! 

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night.  I am so bummed it is not in focus...but they would not stop walking! 
They were nice enough to stop for this one!

In all of our BEAT LA glory!!!!  (Apparently San Jose didn't get the memo that they need a win and a point...badly)

I am sad Brent isn't in this, because it is a great group picture. Next time he will have to give his phone to someone else to take it so he is in it!


Right before the puck drop.

Such a fun evening!!!  Matt and Ryan both said we have to go again with everyone because it is more fun than when it is just us four.  He's right, it is!

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