Saturday, March 19, 2016


We just got back from our second annual crabbing trip in Half Moon Bay.  Last year Matthew had so much fun crabbing, that he requested this be an annual trip.  For his birthday in November, Nana Bobbie got him a crab net so he could do some serious damage the next time we were out there.  He was thrilled when he got it and couldn't wait to try it out.  When we arrived in HMB on Thursday, the weather was beautiful and perfect for spending hours on a dock reeling in a crab net and reeling it back out.  Over and over.

See our friend?  He is a healthy eater.  Within five minutes of us placing two huge chicken thighs in the bottom of the crab net in the netting area for food, he had reached in and sucked both of them right out.  It was quite frightening to watch a rope being pulled away from the dock at such a quick speed.  It was kind of like that part in jaws where the shark bit the bait and then took the buoy with it for a nice swim.  That's what our friend here did...several times.  We had been on the dock no less than 20 minutes and he had already had a chicken and a half.  Luckily for us there were some nice fisherman there who gave us another trap to use to put the chicken in that so he would have a harder time getting it out again.  Luckily it worked.  Because as you can see in the pictures below, he was fairy confident that we were as dumb as we looked and that he was going to be eating like a king until we ran out of food.

At this point I felt like he was just begging.  He would stare at us and plead for us to send something down again.  I mean, let's be honest...he knew the rookies on the dock would falter again and he'd be rolling out to sea with a full stomach.

This is not a happy fisherman.  Sea Lion--3  Matthew--0

And of course.  The kid who basically just shows up to snack and hang out is the first one to snag a crab.  Not a keeper by any means, but the first crab.  And without a net.  I'll just say Matthew was NOT congratulating him.  And he looks super humble about the entire catch.

There was one thing very evident on this trip that I have either not paid attention to in the past, or maybe just ignored it hoping it would go away...but Ryan is a talker, and a stalker.  He will infiltrate himself into any situation where he is right in the middle of someone's family or area.  We would look up and there he would be talking to perfect strangers, telling them his "fishing stories" without a care in the world.  We had to continuously call him back and remind him that he should not be talking to just anyone and that people don't appreciate little kids just "hanging out".  He doesn't understand this.  He stalks them until they give up and just accept the fact that he won't go away and that he is listening to every word they say.  Apparently the "stranger danger" we went over time and time again when he was younger went in one ear and out the other.

The next morning was a little gloomy and colder.  But again, that is our hotel right there and the beauty of it being right there is that we could be back in the room in five minutes flat.  And when your son says that you being there is bad luck, you take that and run with it all the way back to a nice and warm hotel room.

 Finally....a keeper.

And no, I was not happy that it was a keeper. That meant I was now responsible for cooking it for Matthew to eat, because of course he wouldn't be a fisherman if he didn't eat his catch.

Just so we're clear.  I am not okay with this.  Placing anything alive in a pot of boiling water to watch it die is nothing I ever want to do again.  

He ate every bit of it.  I stayed long enough for a picture and then I left the room.  No bueno.

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