Monday, February 9, 2009

The Whitehouse

Well, we are officially on countdown until our trip to see Noelle in West Virginia. Yesterday we booked a hotel in Washington D.C. and we plan on cramming everything we can in the shortest amount of time possible. As I would love to visit all the main attractions, I really am picturing Noelle driving at a moderate speed around town as I have half my body out the window either taking pictures or video-taping. I have this vision of visiting Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Smithsonian, etc. at the rate of approx. 25 mph, and I don't think I am far off.

Noelle and I already tried contacting our congressman to see if we can take a Whitehouse tour, but they will not let us because we are not a group of 10 or more. That's fine. Whatever. They will then have to deal with us hanging around outside, hopefully gaining suspicious glances and unwanted attention from the secret service, as we protest that we are five short of an actual group!

As we are looking forward to this trip. I did have to let Matthew down about not visiting the Whitehouse. Somehow, I don't know if it was television or what, he heard about the Whitehouse having a bowling alley. He immediately asked if we could go bowling there. I told him no, for a couple of reasons....

1. The Whitehouse is not a place of business...well, crap, it is (should I explain the situation room now or later?)...okay, it is not a place of business that hosts bowling leagues and birthday parties. It is simply some one's house that has a bowling alley in it.
2. Not just anyone goes to the Whitehouse. You have to be invited or be in a GROUP OF TEN OR MORE!
3. This is a functioning house and the family that lives there really doesn't care if you want to come bowling or not, because they don't have a clue who you are and that makes you a security threat.
4. And finally....No honey, we can't simply go up to the door and ring the bell to ask them. The men with the big guns, dressed in black, on top of every building in a five mile radius, would appreciate it if you would stay behind the nice tall black gates and enjoy the view from outside.

Can't wait!!

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