Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rico Suave

Matthew has a new I bought Rich some cologne a couple of weeks ago and as our luck would have it, Matthew enjoys it a little too much.

Last week as I was walking down the hall and got to our bedroom doorway, I was hit with this over-powering smell of Banana Republic "Modern". I am not going to lie, it was hard to breathe. It was as if Matthew had bathed in it. I immediately told him that he cannot put any cologne on, it was only for adults, and that it costs money and that he was wasting it. Time out # 1.

The next day I again walked down the hall to put something away and could smell the cologne immediately. Now, Rich had been at work for sometime and I knew it was not just from that morning. The big, bad, mommy voice came out and simply asked Matt if he had lost his mind and that was the reason that he sprayed himself yet again with the cologne completely forgetting our conversation the day before. He quickly apologized because he knew time out #2 was going to be a long one.

My niece and nephew were in town the last couple of days, so Matthew has pretty much lived at my in-laws to get as much play time in as possible. It was fantastic to see them and for the kids to play with them because they don't get to see each other that often, and I enjoyed it because quite house needed to air out. Last night I picked up the boys to come home from Rich and Sharon's and while I was making dinner, I told them to go and watch cartoons until it was done. When I went back to tell them to wash up for happened...that overwhelming smell of cologne hit me straight in the face AGAIN!!!

I am not going to lie...I lost it. Like, my neighbors are talking about me, lost it. A part of me wanted to start laughing at my own failure as a parent and how my child has blatantly ignored me and his father at our simple request. This time it was crazy because Rich did everything he could to hide the cologne. Matthew had to move things and look over rather tall things to find it. Determination is a powerful beast. Time out # 3---Where, oh where, did our little Matthew go?

So, here's hoping little Rico Suave is done trying to sneak his father's cologne. As I explained to Rich, he simply smells like a fifteen year old boy getting ready for his first high school will probably be able to smell him coming up the front walk to the house the next time you come over.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I'll send him some Old Spice for his birthday.