Friday, August 14, 2009


So, I been wanting to write a post about the word "MY". It is Ryan's way of saying "I", "Me", or "Ryan" in any form of sentence. He frequently says, "No, My do it!" and "Hmmm, what My want to eat?". The problem is I am one of those parents that corrects everything. It's simple, I am a teacher and I can't stand not correcting kids. I did it to Matthew always. He would say something grammatically incorrect and I would be all over it in a second. Here's the deal. I can't find it in my heart to correct Ryan. If I were to visit a psychologist they would probably say it has something to do with me not wanting to let go of this little bit of baby or toddler tendency that I will never have again...and they may be right, but I just think it is so cute. And the problem is I find myself saying it too. When talking to him I will say, "My want to play puzzles. Do you want to Ryan?" and Rich gets SO MAD at me because I am feeding this beast and not correcting it. I keep saying okay, next week we will practice good grammar.

The second part of the blog tonight I debated posting. I thought it was TMI and you all don't need to know ALL the stuff that happens in the circus of our family. But then I thought it is too funny not to tell. So, here goes....

Tonight as Ryan was getting into to the bath, he was taking off his clothes and throwing them over his head. Lastly he took off his diaper and here is the conversation that followed.

Ryan: My want to take this off.
Mom: (Turning around looking at a naked boy) What do you want to take off?
Ryan: This. (grabbing his privates)
Mom: What?
Ryan: My want to take it off. My no want it on right now.
Mom: Ryan, you can't take it off. It is attached to you. It's part of your body.
Ryan: (Staring at me trying to figure out what "attached" means) It no come off?
Mom: Nope. Sorry.
Ryan: OK.

Rich will probably kill me for posting this. But as you all have gotten to know Ryan a little better, this little incidence should have come to no surprise to any of you. And I thought you would get a kick out of it. I certainly did.

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