Monday, March 22, 2010

Christmas in March

We are celebrating Christmas in March. Luckily we have semi-patient boys because when they opened their Christmas gifts this year, they understood that they had to wait until March to actually receive the gifts.

Ryan's gift was a trip to Disneyland. Now, taking in our history of visiting the Happiest Place on would think BIG DEAL! But, it was a big deal simply because we thought of not renewing our annual passes and that would mean cutting way back on our trips. The problem was that Ryan was just now at the point of LOVING Disneyland and we felt it was unfair to now not go as much as we had when Matt was young. Yes it is expensive, but we all really do enjoy going and it really never gets old. Ryan was ecstatic and it was so cute to see him be brave and go on new rides. The major change this trip was that Ryan is no longer wearing diapers and we were constantly in bathrooms making him go whether he needed to or not. He had no accidents, so I consider it a successful trip!!!

Matt's gift was to see a Laker's game at the Staple Center in LA. The ONLY WAY this was even remotely possible was due to Rich's friend Justin. In a way, Justin is Santa Claus to us. He makes things happen and for that he is my new hero. I am forever in debt to him and if he ever needs a kidney...I'm his girl!! Justin works for a firm in LA that has a suite at the Staples Center and he was able to get us tickets to a game. When Matthew opened his gift on Christmas day and we explained what he was going to be able to do, euphoria took over his body. To add to that, his Papa Rich and Nana Sharon promised to take him to the Kings game when the Lakers were in town. This past week has been labeled LAKER MANIA!!! On Tuesday night he was in Sacramento seeing Kobe and then this past Sunday night. Life is good in Matthewland.

Here is the sign I made for him for Tuesday nights game.

The new KOBE shirt we found for him in Vegas.

Walking into the game Sunday night!

One of the many works of art on the walls of the Staple Center.

This is the hallway leading to the suite where we watched the game. It looked like an upscale hotel.

Right outside the suite before going in....don't they look ready to go!

The sweet suite...

The spread...

Picking seats and getting ready for the game!

Ryan enjoying himself too.

The reason we are here.

Trying to get on the big screen for cheering!

Silly boy...

Ryan playing with the fans.

This is the area right in front of where the boys were sitting. They pretty much ate the entire game.

Halftime rest and read.

Mommy's reason for going. Fan stalking!! I took our long lens and basically took pictures the entire night to see who I could pick out of the crowd. Some I knew were there like Jack, but Gerard Butler was a pleasant surprise and so I stalked him through my lens all night!>

Gerard Butler

The boys at the end of the night.

Family shot at the end of the night.

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