Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tot Soccer--Ryan Style

Well, tot soccer season has started. This is Ryan's first go at sports. He hit the magical age of 3, which means he can officially starting playing a sport...well, if you consider tot soccer a sport. Many people might question its intensity because 9 times out of 10, there are more parents on the field than kids. Anywho, this was a HUGE deal in our house because he has been attending all of Matthew's games for the past couple of years wanting SO DESPERATELY to be out playing too. The time had now come for him to be a big boy and earn the trophy that his dad and I paid for. This was his time!!!!

In true Ryan fashion...and lets all be clear about this, Ryan is usually marching to the beat of his own drum, he just goes about things his own way. He just flat out makes me laugh. Everything he does, his mannerisms, his voice, his facial expressions are all hysterical to me. So it is no surprise that this weekend, when we were able to see him play for the first time, he announced that he would not be playing anymore because he already played once and he is now all done. I believe his actual words were, "I told you, I only do it one time and I all done!" Now, you could imagine how his father and I reacted to this....I mean really, sure we missed his first EVER tot soccer game because we were in Las Vegas, but this was OUR first game. And he was done!

After much effort by me, Rich, and our ace in the hole Matthew, we were finally able to convince him to go out and play. This was him five minutes later....

At one point he actually got up and hid behind the chair. So sad. Our last attempt to get him in the game was telling him that he would not be able to get the snacks and drink at the end of the game if he didn't play. Since we believe that is the only reason he signed on to play in the first place, it was a matter of time before he headed back out on the field. A little reluctantly though....

Here are some action shots. He really is a very good little player. When he realizes that he is actually having fun, I think he enjoys it quite a bit!

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