Friday, April 9, 2010

Mr. Telephone Man

We teach them important know for "in case of emergency."  Phone number.  Address.  Cell phone number.  Emergency.  All of those important contacts in case of that one slight chance they will need them.  You know...the happy ending kind where the stranger actually reaches out to return the child to the parents.  Not the post-office wall or milk carton kind.  The "in case of emergency" good kind.

Somebody needs to tell that to my oldest son.  Because apparently in his attempt to line up a play date...he gave our number to a little boy in his class.  Without telling us.  And the little boy apparently memorized the number, because in the last three days...he has called the house nine times.  NINE TIMES! 

As Matt got in my mom's car on Tuesday, he asked if he could have a playdate with this little boy (Now at this point, I had no idea he had given our number out).  I told him, "No, because I don't know his parents."  Matthew responded... "It's okay, I do." I took just a few moments to explain to him that is not exactly how things work. 

The little boy (who I do like and think he is super sweet) started calling three days ago.  He left to messages on the phone.  Yesterday, he called two times...this time not leaving messages.  Today, he called five times.  Now, we recently got caller-id.  I know...GASP!!!  Rich paid for caller-id?????  No, don't be crazy.  He called the phone company and got it free for a certain period of time.  After that, I'll be back to the good ol' days.  So anyways....back to the five calls today.  He started calling about 3:46.  Then at 4:13.  At 4:32.  At 5:15.  And finally at 5:19 I picked up the phone.  This is how the conversation went down.....

Me:  Hello?
Dead Silence
Me:  Hello?
Little boy:  Hi.  It's &$^#&%@.  Is this Matthew's mom?
Me:  Yes it is.  Hi &$^#&%@. 
Dead silence (faint footsteps heard, then door opening)
Little boy:  Dad.  It's Matthew's mom.
Dad:  Hello?
Me:  Hello.
Dead Silence
Me:  This is Matthew's mom.  &$^#&%@ called over here and Matthew is not here right now.
Dad:  He called?  He called your house?  Oh.  Okay.  Sorry.
Me:  That's okay.  Bye.
Dad:  Bye.


Needless to say, I have had a talk with Matt and how he has to ask permission to give our number out.

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