Monday, May 3, 2010

Tahoe Weekend

This weekend we headed up to Tahoe to Claire's cabin again...we'll abuse this privilege as long as she lets us, and this time we brought the hubbies and the kiddies.  What were we thinking????  Oh yes, we were thinking we should play nice and share sometimes.  It was pretty funny (not really) to walk downstairs Saturday morning, approximately fourteen hours after we arrived..eight of those kid sleeping hours, to see the effects of kids in the cabin.  There were games everywhere, toys everywhere, kids everywhere!  I reminisced back to the weekend where it was just us ladies and the cabin was spotless...not counting our books, magazines, and cocktail glasses.  The great thing about all of our kids is that they get along fabulously and play well together.  We all parent in pretty much the same way, so none of our kids ever get away with anything because there is ALWAYS somebody watching...and we all have the same rules.  They're toast!

This is a couple of shots from the car on the way up...

This was the only pile of snow left from this winter and latest storm.  The kids made the most of it and had a blast.  Please note Kirsten's attire...she was freshly off the 60's celebration at school and was making the most of her outfit.

The coolest clubhouse ever!

Leah playing!
Colson in motion.  Even though the picture is blurry, it is too cute not to post.

The kids enjoying the BBQ and eating outside.  The weather was PERFECT!  I promise we fed them more than just chips.

Sunday morning we took them for a trek through the marsh.

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