Saturday, September 25, 2010


THANK GOD WE ARE ON A BREAK!!!!  No, not the "Friends" kind of break, the school kind break.  I am exhausted.  And this blog is dedicated to Kelly...Guido that is...because she expressed her disappointment in me on my slacking in the blog department.  Guido...this is for you, now get off my back!

I have the best news to report....I am now exclusively a fifth grade teacher again!  YEAH for me!!!!  I did something on Friday that I have never done at school before...I got emotional and a little farklempt.  I never do that.  And I almost lost it yesterday in class because I had to say goodbye to my sixth graders.  Even though I am much happier being a straight fifth, both classes been warriors together this first quarter of craziness and I was heartbroken to let them go.  Our team was broken up and now they have a new coach and because I have control issues, I see myself still coaching from the sidelines from time to time.  

Dude...what's with the sports analogy???  I know, I know.  It must be because we are back to double sports.  Matthew is continuing week 117 of football and Ryan started basketball this morning.  In true Ryan fashion, boyfriend was all business and followed what the coach said like a pro. 

And now that we have this break it is time to take back my house!  This is the first school break that we have had that we are not taking a vacation and I am so grateful.  I have so much to do.  Transfer summer clothes to fall/winter clothes, potty train a dog, clean the bathrooms, potty train a dog, dust every surface that air touches, potty train a dog, organize the kitchen area so that it is a functioning kitchen again and not an office space for my husband, and most important....potty train the damn dog!!  If I am not successful with that, emotional scaring put aside, Rich is going to do away with little, lovable, peeing machine Teddy! 

He's trying.  Really.  He is. 

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