Saturday, April 23, 2011

Four Days- Fun Days

On Saturday morning we had another double booking.  Soccer 8:30, baseball 8:30, and Rich had to work.  When I say I needed another  me, I wasn't actually joking.  Luckily we have grandparents who live in town and are ready to help.  My dad picked up Matt to take him to his game and the rest of us headed to Ryan's game. 

For the last couple of weeks Ryan has refused to play soccer.  Like, kicking and screaming and leaving the field...just refused to play soccer period.  We thought this soccer season was going to be fantastic because his buddy Camden (Lynn's son) plays on the same team and we thought for sure after how he was last season that he was just going to have a blast this year.  That could not be farther from what has actually taken place.  The first game of the year we played a team who had a boy with green socks (he's referred to in our house as just, "green-socks") who was fast, good, and competitive...he was pretty much Ryan last soccer season.  So, green-socks got into Ryan's head and never left.  The last couple of weekends have been stressful because we are trying to get Ryan to get back out there and play.  We have done everything from take all of his fun stuff away to promise him anything just short of a new car.  Because quitting and not showing up for the rest of the season was never an option. 

Today...with the threat of Easter tomorrow (that's right....parents of the year), Ryan got out on the field and played...and played...and played.  I kept thinking every time he came off the field he was never going back out.  Last weekend, because we told him he had to play to go to a birthday party, he refused to go unless I went out with him.  I was "that parent" who was walking out on the field following him so he at least stayed somewhat in the game.  I had stopped taking my camera with me because I refused to post pictures of him sitting on the sideline with his mad face on.  Today he played and he looked like the old Ryan.  Aggressive, quick, and happy.  I took a tiny video of it so I could show Rich....he wanted proof!

After Ryan's game we headed over to catch the end of Matt's baseball game.  I have no pictures of that :(, but he is doing really well and loves catching.  Just watching him makes my knees hurt.  He also plays short-stop, I promise to take pics Wednesday night. 

And because our day was only a third over, we rushed home from the game to change and then headed to Stockton for lunch with Emilie and Andersen. Emilie sent me a message a couple of weeks ago and said let's get together and catch up! I turned to Rich and said, "Should I wait for lunch for her to tell me she's pregnant or just wish her congrats now?" He said...Wait!!!! So I did, and at lunch she TOLD ME SHE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!! Lunch was so great. Andersen really couldn't be cuter and the boys just adore him! And he was SO LOVING!!! I love a boy who grabs your face and pulls you in for a big kiss and I got several!! I really could have kidnapped him and brought him home!


I have a feeling these boys might be trouble together when they get a little older!!!

Then Saturday night we headed up to Cache Creek Casino....which is officially in the middle of nowhere.  Kelly and Anthony pick up Lynn, Rich and myself to head up to see the Comedians of Chelsea Lately.  Poor Jason couldn't join us because he was sick...we missed him dearly.  All of us (except Rich ) watch Chelsea Lately every night and were super excited to see them.  Chris Franjola, Josh Wolf, and Loni Love were the three comedians.  They were all funny, but Chris and Josh by far were the best.  After the show they were available for pictures and stuff, but the line was so long that we skipped it.  Later when we were walking through the casino we say Josh playing slots and Kelly went up and asked to take a picture.  He was super nice and very cool.  Here is Lynn, Josh, and me.  So much fun!!!

And as you may have guessed...we got home LATE!!!!  The boys were at my mom's and so we started Easter there.  It was stop one of three for the day.  The boys had fun hiding the eggs they had colored the night before and look smashing in their new Easter outfits!  Even the dogs had fun hunting. :)

The note the Easter Bunny left in the morning!!!

Baskets at Nana's house.

Open, open, open!

Two very patient puppies waiting for their baskets too.

Look how hungry the Easter Bunny was.  So glad he stopped in for a snack. 

Just look at this boy with his game face on!

He's scanning the yard while he is picking up...he's no rookie!

He knows Ryan's on his tail.

Yes, if you count you will see Ryan had more, which lead to breakdown number one of the day.

Happy Easter!

Looking nice in their Easter best.

Getting back home and finding the note from "The Bunny", as Ryan refers to him.

Hoping his luck with a few eggs will pick up at this such luck.

At Nana and Papa's for hunt number 2.

This time Matt did a little better.  However breakdown number two did occur.

Fun Summer tubs with goodies.

On Monday we went over to Debi's house to see Christie, Brad and baby Lauren.  Chris's sister Dena was there with her kids Jason and Mikayla so the boys were thrilled to go a play and that gave me plenty of time to catch up!!! 

Just look at little miss Lauren!!!  Doesn't she have the dreamiest eyes!!!! 

The boys with Lauren.

And one last snuggle for the road.  Matthew loves babies...he's in heaven right now.

Monday afternoon...playing around with new water stuff!



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