Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Boy Accomplishments

Let me first start off with this post is mostly about Teddy.  Yes, all Marini boys will be mentioned, but this is mostly about the Notorious T.E.D. making strides towards having out of house privileges. 

A couple of weeks ago we were driving around Stockton and came upon a dog park.  We have never taken Teddy to the dog park in Lodi because it is too large a space and there are a lot of large dogs there.  That would not fly with him.  The best way to describe Teddy is to compare him to Donald Trump.  He can dish it out, but can't take it.  Teddy can bark his head off, yet any advance from another dog and he all but leaps into my arms.  He has small dog syndrome...what do you expect?  So, this dog park in Stockton was so great because there was a section set aside for small dogs only.  We thought it could be perfect for him.  Since he had "the procedure", he has been better behavior wise, but basically he still has trouble making friends.

Sunday morning we got up early and DROVE TO STOCKTON...I guess we're "those" type of people now.  Anyway, there the four of us were, anxiously walking in not knowing what he would do, what others would do to him, or how we would react.  He did well, clearly we have the issues, not him.

Ted's new playground...

Where have you brought me???  There are dogs EVERYWHERE!!!!!

This was as close as he got for the first 15 minutes.

The agility course was empty, so the boys wanted him to do "tricks".  The only tricks that accomplished were done by humans.  Matthew and Ryan did great....Ted used this time to SMELL EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!

He has no clue what to do!

So happy to be out of the house though.  We told him that good behavior gets rewarded!  Hope he listens...

FINALLY....a little contact!  Some pugs who wanted to make friends.

Okay, now I'll talk about the actual children of the house.  This weekend at Ryan's soccer game he PLAYED THE ENTIRE GAME!!!  Not only were we proud of him, but he was proud of himself.  He has one more game and then the season is over, so keep your fingers crossed that "green socks" doesn't make an appearance. 

And finally, Matthew.  Last week at Matthew's baseball game he caught the first two innings and then sat out because he got hit in the thigh and got hurt.  These things happen.  So, as he sat out, his friend Victor was put in as catcher.  I heard Victor's mom behind say, "What, he's never caught before!" with a nervous giggle.  I turned around and said, "He'll be fine, he'll do great."  And he did.  The following inning, as we are just sitting there, waiting for either Matt to get another at bat or the game to be over, we see Matthew head out to the pitcher's mound.  I said, "WHAT????  HE'S NEVER PITCHED BEFORE!  HE'S NEVER EVEN PRACTICED!!!!"  I looked at Rich and said, "Oh great, this is going to be ugly.  How many kids do you think he'll hit?"  Up comes the first batter...struck out, gone!  Second batter...struck out, gone.  Third batter...struck out, gone!  So, three up, three down was not what we expected, but we were thrilled for him.  He wants to do it again.  How do we talk him out of it?  I really don't want him to pitch...not my decision, I know, but I was in that position a LONG time ago and it's a lot of pressure.  And I know he's not in high school or anything, but it seems these days that it doesn't even matter...the expectation is to be the best at an earlier age than necessary and I don't want him ruining his arm.  So, my goal is to push a nice safe position like first base or right field.  That's right....Mother of the Year!

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