Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shock and Awe!

Today I gave my class their end of the year gift.  Each year at the end of the school year, right before Open House I give my students a DVD of our entire year.  It a labor of love because even though it is getting easier to do, coordinating music and the time editing does take a while to do....but I know from past experience they love it, so it's worth it.

So today I quietly walked over and turned off the lights, then walked over to the TV and hit play.  It took only a few minutes for them to start cheering and giggling.  A couple of days ago as I was passing out papers one of my boys said..."So, when do we get our video?"  I turned, looked at him and said..."Times are tough.  We have no all went to Alcatraz.  Sorry dude!"  I thought...that stinker!!!!  So when the movie was playing today....ALL 33 MINUTES OF IT...I saw him smile and say..."I knew she was doing this.  She is ALWAYS taking pictures."

However, that isn't the "shock and awe" part of the story.  About fifteen minutes into the movie, another boy turned, with a dead serious look on his face and said...."YOU DID THIS....FOR US?"  It was priceless, and not for the reason you may think of...he was shocked that I, Meanie Marini (that's how I am know at school--you're welcome) made something for them as a gift.  It was as if they realized that the heart that was located in my chest---was actually beating.  I was a real live human with feelings and compassion. 

So tonight is open house and I can't wait to celebrate all that they have done this year.  And I can't wait for the celebration that will follow at the restaurant when we toast them off to their next years teacher!!!

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