Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pre-Mother's Day, Mother's Day

Well...I've been waiting for this day for a while.  It's been booked since February and I was ready for all of it to finally go down.

#1--Spa Day at Wine and Roses...I told Lynn this morning as we walked into the nest..."It's good to be home."  It's like our little sanctuary that happens to be right down the street.  Massage followed by laying around in a robe sipping tea and talking to friends--life is good.  Usually we make this a full day abuse of privilege, but today we had other plans too.  Lunch and then "The movie".

#2--Lunch at Angelo's with friends.  Julie joined Kelly, myself and Lynn for lunch and then the show.  I love Angelo's, so I could eat there whenever.  And the day would not be complete without a little sangria that I MAY or may not have slipped into the movie theater.  Sangria makes everything better.

#3--Something Borrowed..."The Movie."  About five years ago my girlfriend Emilie ( Happy Mother's Day Em) gave me this book to read saying it was so good and that I would love it.  And I did.  Not only did I love it, I loved it's sequel even more, "Something Blue".  These are total chick books....there's no other way around it.  No guy has this sitting on their coffee table or in their bookcase.  Unless, maybe, he's trying to hook up.  But, seriously...these are just girl books that are fun and take you into "la-la" land for three hundred plus pages.  So when word broke that they were making this book into a movie...we booked our date knowing that we would all go and see it.  I have read all of Emily Giffin books and I love her writing.  I have RARELY been to a movie that I have read the book.  The books I read are usually about serial killers,Navy Seal operations, or cold cases (that of course have romance---DUH!!!), but that could be every television show or movie out there.  This was different, these were characters that we talked about, situations we talked about, and outcomes we talked about.  And the hardest part was accepting who played these people from the story that we already had in our minds...I am not a Kate Hudson fan, but I was willing to take a chance anyway.  We were ready for this movie!

And it DIDN'T disappoint!!  It was so good!  A little different from the book, but basically true to the story.  The best surprise of all.....Dex.  I kinda have a new crush.  Like, teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert crush.  Colin Egglesfield is like a little gift.  A Mother's Day gift if you will.  My husband is of course my first crush (wink, wink--), however Colin just bumped himself nicely up to the second spot.  He's got that young Tom Cruise look...the before he was crazy and jumping on furniture Tom Cruise look.  He was yummy---bottom line.

Happy Mother's Day Ladies!!!!

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