Monday, May 9, 2011

Actual Mother's Day!

So, I may have woken up with a sangria hangover. I'm not exactly committing to it being a fact, but it might be the reason I woke up feeling a little off.  Again, it really could have been a number of things, but I was back in bed by 11:00am...just saying.

Sunday morning I woke up to a note on my alarm clock. It said, "Mom, look under both of your pillows for a surprise!" I reached under and pulled out this card....

So cute, right???  After I read my card, I reached under the pillow for part two of my surprise.  I couldn't find it, so in came Rich, Matt, Ryan and Teddy, trying to find the part two gift.  I wish I had a camera, because at one point all four of their heads...yes, all four, were looking down by the headboard for the gift.  Finally, they found it!  Here it is.  I wear it with pride and a smile.  I believe the feet are my favorite part. :)

So, as this whole thing is going down and everyone is on the bed, it occurs to Ryan that he doesn't have a card or a hanging thingy.  So, he goes up to Rich and whispers, "Dad, can I have some paper and marker?"  Five minutes later, here is Ryan's card. 

And as sweet as that is, he then went to get he treasured Mickey stickers and set them all out and asked me which one I wanted to wear for the day.  I picked Chip and Dale, knowing that one was his least favorite.  

Me and my boys....

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