Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait....

Why does it seem that every time I have vacation...things get planned at the end of it.  So, it's like this huge hurry up and wait game.  In the next two weeks we will be going to Vegas, picking up my sister and Natalie for a visit and then going, going, going right up until the first day of school.  It's like I haven't done a lot (other than my Fresno trip) all summer and now I am going to pack everything in the final two weeks.  Uhhh!!!

This weekend we are heading to Vegas.  We are taking a risk...we are going with Lynn and Jason.  Not that THEY are the risk...they've never vacationed with Rich in this setting and this quite frankly might be the one and only time we do this.  And here's the thing, if we NEVER go somewhere with them again...I don't blame them.  Not one bit.  Because a month ago when we decided we were going to do this, it started the fire that is this continuous flame in my husbands heart for LV.  It's his favorite place in the world...and I wish I were kidding.  Because it is his home away from home, he has planned our entire trip.  THE ENTIRE TRIP.  Right now, I know every hour of every day that we are there and what we are doing.  This is where we might lose Lynn and Jason.  They were hoping for a nice relaxing trip...he told them if they wanted relax to sleep on the drive there!!!  Every meal has been planned.  Every outlet and mall has been booked in calculation as to where we will be on the strip and at what given time.  The first itinerary that he sent out to them said "Midnight snack at Grand Lux, Monday night".  Lynn said..."Midnight???  Who does he think he's going with?  I'll be fast asleep by then."  Embarrassed, I told her..."Don't worry, you can go back to your hotel...he's kidding!"  Yeah, he's kinda not kidding.

I plan on documenting the ENTIRE vacation.  Be prepared for a post when we return and be prepared it may not be pretty.  At one point I see Lynn and Rich going head to head and me enjoying every minute of it.  Did I mention that it is her birthday on Sunday and she hates buffets?  So, it really should come at no shock that Sunday night, we are eating at a buffet.

Stay's going to be fun!!!

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