Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Dark Side

Confession...I did it. I have officially turned to the dark side.  Meet my new companion.

I have two feelings about this.  My first feeling is that I feel that I am cheating on my books.  This is my infidelity.  I have been so loyal for so long, that they probably hate me.  I can feel them staring at me from their reusable bag just judging me and ridiculing me.  I was that person that said I love a book in my hands and yet I have somehow turned to the dark side....very easily I might add.  In fact, on Saturday night as I was standing in my genre section at Barnes and Noble typing every author I could imagine into my phone to search for later, I had little excited butterflies in my stomach that were yelling....YIPPEE!!!! 

My second feeling is fear.  How much "bleeping" money is this going to cost me.  Because I used to have another addiction, it was called an every other day trip to Starbucks and luckily I was able to break that.  I'm not getting over my book addiction and this is going to have to be my new splurge.  The days of going into Tom's Used Books and dropping fifteen bucks for nine books is over.  Maybe not over, but less likely.   

I will confess that the main reason I bought it is because we are going on vacation in June and when I realized I was not checking luggage and that there would be no room for my books, panic set it.  I told Rich that there is NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH THAT I AM LEAVING FOR A VACATION AND NOT HAVING A STACK OF BOOKS WITH ME.  He said to do something about it and so I did.  He may just eat those words!

I'm off to swipe a page!

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