Monday, March 26, 2012

Pin It!

So, I have a new addiction.  I am addicted to Pinterest.  I blame my sister for it.  Originally I had heard of it from my friend Emilie last year, but never really understood all that it entailed so I didn't pursue it other than looking at what Emilie had already pinned.  Fast forward a few months, my sister called and said I HAD TO BE ON IT, her exact words, and since I never back down from peer pressure..I joined.

Let me say this....BEST COOKBOOK EVER!!!  There are all sorts of things your can "pin", like clothing, house decor, art, kids projects....the list goes on and on.  I really only pin things to my recipe board.  And because I am such a stellar cook (are you laughing too?), I thought I would dedicate my two week break to my Pintrest meals.

Now, I waited until our break because it is really the only time I can "cook" and take my time.  I like that I used that word "cook" if that is what happens here on a regular basis.  I enjoy cooking when it is me in the kitchen being one with my pots, pans, and utensils and I am not simultaneously going over homework with Matt or making a homework sheet up for Ryan so he doesn't feel left out because he has no homework.  (won't that come back to bite him later on!) My favorite time to cook is when the music is blasting and Ryan and I break out into dance or sing at the top of our lungs...that is a good time!

The first thing I made were these babies!!!  Strawberries filled with a cream cheese mixture, topped with graham cracker crumbs.  YUM!  I took them to Emilie's when Matt and I went to visit her, Andersen and Marshall.  Andersen was so stinkin' cute sitting across from me saying, "Mo strawberries pease."  Come on!  How cute is that! 

The next thing I made is this salad dressing.  It is the creamy pesto salad dressing that Old Spaghetti Factory serves on its salad.  Rich and I don't necessarily like the meals at the restaurant, but we always would go there just to have the salad.  So when I found this recipe....JACKPOT!  It was soooo good!

Next, creamy pesto chicken with a to-die-for cous cous.  The night before Valentine's Day, Rich and I went to Rosewood downtown because I had gotten a gift card from a couple of my students for Christmas.  I ordered halibut and it came with a cous cous dish that was so unbelievably good...I had to make it at home.  So, I went online and typed in all the ingredients: cous cous, bacon, mushrooms, and spinach.  I was able to find a recipe that was similar and made it to go with this chicken.  I could have eaten just the cous cous and done away with the chicken, but the boys loved the chicken so it was a win win.

I then made chicken parmesan (no picture) and zucchini.  I needed a new way to make zucchini to trick the boys into eating it.   This was also so good...but it does take some nutritional value away when served with ranch, I get that.

And this last one was just okay, but my friends Kelly's was better.  Chicken, garlic, and spinach pasta topped with mozzarella.  Looking back, I would go against the recipes instructions to not cover it because the cheese melted and burnt a little.

We got Matt and Ryan's baseball schedules the other took me forty-five minutes to put all practices and games into my phone and as I was doing it, I thought to myself...Go hit up Pintrest for slow cooker meals!  Because they either have practice or a game each night and there is no way I am going to find the time to "cook" anything after work before the game.  What fun!

Here are links to all recipes....
(did not do cornflake crumbs, but did a mixture of parmesean cheese and bread crumbs)

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  1. Oh yeah pinterest rules the world! Super addictive... hahaha