Monday, April 9, 2012

Sharks Game and Easter!

I'm a little ready for hockey season to be over.  And it appears one of my fears has come true...both the boys love hockey.  Like...CRAZY LOVE hockey.  They will never play of course, because we live in California and I'm not quite sure there is a huge pulling for the sport in our state, but they love this game regardless.  Especially Ryan.  I consider myself a sports girl, but this is not my favorite sport to watch and quite frankly listening to Rich explain the playoff standing NIGHTLY the past coupke of weeks has been mind numbingly boring.  And he is on to my, "Uh-huh", "Oh really", "Wow, you don't say" replies as he is fully aware that I DON'T CARE WHO HAS HOW MANY POINTS AND WHAT IT MEANS!!!!!  However, I love going to any type of game, so I was down with taking the kids to a Sharks game.  

Saturday night we headed to San Jose for the Sharks last regular season game.  I have been to a hockey game before, but nothing was as fun as this night.  Our seats were as far as they could possibly be from the ice rink.  It didn't matter, it didn't bother me, they were perfect and we could see everything.  When we got there, the boys were walking with us to find ours seats and one of the workers stopped us and handed the boys two Sharks wrist bands.  Their little faces lit up.  When we found our seats, it was clear they didn't want to even leave to get dinner...they wanted to stay to watch everything.

Here is a view from our seats. 

Happy, happy boy!

This kid was ridiculous cute all night.  He sang, chanted, clapped, name it, he did it.  He was all in!

Sharks vs. Kings.  Best part of about this match up??  The "BEAT L.A." chant we got to scream all night!

One of the favorite parts of the night for the boys was when the Sharks scored, the Shark in the sky blew smoke and his eyes lit up.

I know this is not a great picture, but I took it as quickly as I could to get them in front of the rink.

After the game, we headed to the team store and picked up some merchandise.  New shirts and new hockey sticks. 

At 7:00am the next morning, we could hear them playing their game in the living room.

One of my favorites from the night.  Can you hear Ryan?

After a great night, they were ready for EASTER!

Sunday morning we made them change out of their Shark's wear and put on some nicer clothes.  They were not exactly happy about this.

Some pics with Mom.

Some pics with Dad. 

Finally....Let's get this hunt on!

A successful battle.

New headphones for our trip!!!  So exciting!

And Ted...who can blame him?  He wanted to be part of the hunt too!

Hunt number two at Nana and Papa's house.

Very cool looking eggs this year.

The loot!

We take the counting and collecting of eggs very seriously!

Happy Easter!!

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