Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tahoe fun in April.

Last weekend, we headed back to our "shared" cabin.  We like to "share" it with the actual owners.  Truth be told, our friend who lets us rent it out pretty much whenever we want, is indebted to us for life!  We can't thank her enough and will continue to abuse this privilege as long as she lets us, or sells us the connecting lot that is empty so we can build our own! :) 

We drove up Friday night, after Rich got off work, so we really didn't know how much snow there would be to play in for the kids.  It had been stormy and rainy all week, so we were hopeful there would be some.  Luckily, it was just enough to play around in.  Below is a picture of Rich undoing either Jason or Anthony's work of clearing the deck and salting it for the kids to get down to the yard.  Rich thought it would be a perfect place to construct a "slide" for the kids to go down, instead of us driving around looking for a place to sled.  Truth be told, I think everyone thought it wasn't going to work, but it did and the kids were content with it being small, but fun!

All dressed up and ready for some snowball fights!

I have no words....Okay, two---Ridiculous cute!  Do you think he'll have a complex when he gets older about his pink boots?  Hand-me-downs know no gender I tell you!!!

Kirsten taking a ride.

Colson's turn!! 

The Boy's Club.

This boy is waiting to join....he is just too young to go through initiation yet.

Miss Leah doing snow angels out with Kirsten.

Saturday night we all headed out to dinner.  When we got back, you can see how much of the snow had melted.  The weather was ideal, but it did melt the snow fairly quickly.  However, it did not stop the "boys", Anthony, Rich, and Jason included, from a fierce after dinner snowball fight!

Happy, tired kids, waiting to head to bed...well, except for Kelly. :)

And last, but not least....MGC representing!

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