Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Vacation--Week 1

In the years past, I have had a summer to do list a mile long including such tedious tasks such as clean out pantry, rearrange summer clothes, go into the playroom and dump half of it contents in bags for Goodwill, and more importantly...have house picked up, in case anyone drops by unexpectedly, so people don't believe a family of fourteen, instead of four, lives here and never picks up after themselves.  That was my master plan...and it's off to a lack luster start.

In the week we have been off, I have accomplished none of that.  I have merely been counting the days until our vacation.  Something that seemed would NEVER get here, is now a few days away, and I feel like locking everyone in a room lined with padded walls and foam furniture so that no one will get hurt and we will board a plane soon with everyone in one piece.  I have been packing for what seems like months because truth be known, my carry-on has been in my closet for months and as I bought things, I would toss them in.  The boys have been packed as of day two of our break, which is sad, but true.  We are on the hurry up and wait schedule and I am about out of patience.

I think we are anxious for a number of reasons.  This is our first big family vacation that includes Ryan.  We were in Hawaii six years ago, Matt was two and I was pregnant with Ryan, and that was our last big vacation.  I don't count the Disneyland trips as family vacations, which again is sad, but true.  To many other families that is their family vacation.  I really consider it a weekend getaway now because that is the length of time we are usually gone.  This trip...this is more like it.  I feel that anytime you board a plane and there is drink service, is my type of vacation. 

Ryan has never been on a plane before.  We are trying to not talk about it and he seems so excited to go next week that he has really forgotten about getting on the plane.  Thank God.  Because I know him and this will be a daily discussion that drags on forever and is never really settled.  He's is like Matt in that way...things never really go away, they get filed away and have the right to resurface at any time.

Matt is stoked!  He can't wait.  The plane ride, the hotel, the pool...everything, he is ready.  As long as we continue to say that Diamond Head has not been an active volcano for some time, he seems to be okay with being on the island in general.  Again, these are the things that take a rest and have the right to come back to be questioned as many times as necessary.

I look forward to boring you to death with pictures and stories of our getaway. 

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