Thursday, June 28, 2012


You know when you do something, and it is kind of crazy and spur of the moment, you feel you need to justify it with some excuse or reason for your actions???? I'm going to blame this on our vacation. When you come back happy, rested, and somewhat still in a cocktail haze, you do things that people question whether you are of sound mind or not. This is our thing.....

Meet Bear Marini

He is sweet, loving, and very playful.  He is also like 97% potty trained, which makes us love him even more.  Because potty training Teddy took MONTHS!!  I think because Bear was mostly outside, he was just used to going potty outside and that helped.  He does ring the bell to go out, but he does think it is another chew toy at times.

Because he was used to his brothers and sisters, this little guy never sleeps alone.  He always sleeps next to us if we are on the carpet with him, or with some of these favorite friends.

Unfortunately with the arrival of Bear, we had to take percautions with him and Teddy being introduced to each other.  Poor Teddy had to move out for a couple of days and go stay with Nana and Jackie.  We brought Ted over a few hours each day so that he could see Bear in the laundry room and realize that he wasn't just "visiting".  They would sniff each other and such, but Teddy could clearly care less about him.   The other day I was carrying Bear in from outside and the look Teddy gave me was clear, he was not a fan.  Not of fan of Bear or of me.  The look said, "You broke us!!  We were fine, but now that he is here, we are broken."  He'll get over it. 

All while this one has no idea that he is not welcomed by all.  He is loving his new house and family and can't wait to be big enough to hop up on the furniture like Ted.

He's pretty cute...I think we'll keep him.

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