Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Small Town Love

I have small town love.  Whoever came up with the phrase Little Lovable Lodi hit it spot on.  I haven't always felt that way.  Believe me, at one point in my life I couldn't get far enough away.  But now it is different.  It is different because I know what a great little town it is to raise a family in and the community is one you just want to be a part of.

Last year was the first year that Lodi has allowed private fireworks in what seems like forever.  Growing up, we never played with fireworks because of the ban Lodi had against them.  This year it seemed like there were more stands popping up all over and more of a desire to join in on the fun that others had been having for years.

Last night I went for a walk around 9:30.  It had finally cooled off and Teddy and I needed to stretch our legs after being housebound for the day (potty training Bear, not always fun).  It was the first time that I could remember walking around my neighborhood seeing kids run around with sparklers, spelling out their name in the air and people gathered in the street to watch little fireworks shoot off colors.  I loved it.  I absolutely loved it.  I loved that people were out front, wishing me a happy fourth, and playing around in their yards. 

Tonight I went over to some friends house to watch the fireworks from their place.  The neighborhoods were lined with cars, everyone out in their front yards celebrating together, with American flags hanging from a pole at every house.  It screamed happy, joyful, and fun.

I have small town love!

Happy Independence Day!

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