Monday, July 23, 2012

Eat, Sleep, Shop.

We just got back from Vegas yesterday...fifteen minutes before I had to be at a school function, you're welcome, and I am embarrassed/proud to say that the only things we got accomplished are the three things in the title of the blog.   Okay, we gambled a little, but clearly we didn't win or "gamble" would have been in the title and it would have looked like this...GAMBLE!!!!
After spending about four hours at the outlets in Primm...we were soooooo dehydrated!!!  And we would be doing our bodies such a disservice to not take care of them, so naturally we ordered drinks immediately when we got to the The Border Grill.

The next day we braved the heat for a little over an hour to get a little sun at the pool.  Then it was off to outlet mall number two.  Luckily we were all in the mood for a little retail therapy because I'm pretty sure the only exercise we got this weekend was walking through stores.

Friday night we out to dinner at The Wicked Spoon and walked around a little after dinner.  Here are some classic hotel room backdrop pictures.

Can anyone else tell I have extra tall heels on???

 Group shot outside. 

Saturday night we headed to one of our FAVORITE restaurants, Tommy Bahama's, and met Jason's cousin and husband for dinner.  The company was great and dinner was fabulous as always.
We had such a great time.  Same time next year???  You got it!

I though it would be fun to add a wedding picture, since it is still our anniversary month.  Times have changed...ouch.

And last but not least, I took some pictures of the kids last week since they are rarely together.  A couple of them turned out darling.

My favorite...

How much do you loved the flipped collar?  He REFUSED to put it down. :)

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