Saturday, October 20, 2012

HOLY SH&%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think that title says it all.

I am happy/lucky to be bringing you this post from the safety of my home, and not from a random motel off some interstate in God only knows where.  Because that's where I could have been...if not for my Dad who BAILED ME OUT BIG TIME.

This morning I was on the phone with my sister talking about her new family member arriving at their house today (picture below).  I told her that we had a football game and then a birthday party to go to in the bay area, so it was going to be a busy day.  While we were chatting about all things important (I'm sure)...that is when it happened.  I grabbed my necklace to put it on and it dropped in the sink.  I GASPED out loud and said, "Oh my God!  That was close!!"  As I reached down to grab the necklace that was circling the drain in my sink, it slipped and fell straight down the drain.

Meet Ellie.

You know that feeling of fight or flight?  Do I stay and think of a game plan to somehow saw the sink in half to retrieve the necklace???  Or do I just get in the car and keeping driving until the authorities find me???  It's bad when you sit and really ponder the second question with more thought and detail. 

Heart pounding, immediate pit in my stomach I decided that the drain looked like it could be friendly enough for someone to take it apart and be put back together again.  I felt that if I had a few words with it, it might understand that being cooperative was really the best deal for both of us.  Because to lose THIS necklace....would be bad.

Here's the deal, or history behind the necklace.  I got the necklace.....wait for it....wait for it....when Rich got home from his bachelor party in Las Vegas.  Yep, that same thought you're having now right now was the same one that went through my mind when he placed the Tiffany's box in front of me upon his return.  I remember just staring at the box thinking....I want to know what is in there soooooo bad, but I don't want to know what he did to warrant a gift like this.  It must have been pretty bad, because this guy doesn't part with a penny easily and I am pretty sure this wasn't cheap, which means he felt guilty.  And with guilt, comes diamonds.  This can't be good. 

I have to say, I really don't wear the necklace often.  I only started wearing it again because I went away with some friends a couple weeks ago and told them the story behind the necklace and one of the ladies wanted to see it, so I wore it to work to show her.  Since then, I have been wearing it everyday.  And let me also take the time to say this....I don't wear nice things because I tend to lose them.  Not that this necklace is the hope diamond or anything, but other than my ring, it is the nicest gift in jewelry that I have received.  I rarely wore the necklace for fear that I would lose it, so I started saving it for nice occasions only.  Yeah, but here's the thing...when you are a teacher and you don't really have a life that lends itself to nice occasions, those times were few and far between so I said screw it and started wearing it again!  And that almost came back to bite me today.

When my Dad showed up at Matt's game I basically begged him to come over and help. He said he would and I told him that we needed to devise a plan because I needed to head to a birthday party, but be back in time for him to come over before Rich got home.  If the plan worked...why would Rich even have to know this little accident happened???  And then I remembered them....Matthew and Ryan.  Those little sh&%'s have sold me out before and it was only a matter of time before they did it again.  They were probably chomping at the bit to tell Rich because of all the times I ratted them out to Rich about something they had done!  They were almost giddy at the prospect of me going down.

Football was tough...we had our first loss today.  I think I took it harder than Matthew.  We headed to Pleasanton and had a great time at the birthday party.  My friend Emilie's boys turned 1 and 3 and she had a superhero party for them.  It was beyond cute and a reminder for me why we don't do birthday parties.  Look at these capes....every kid had one. 
My dad met us at our house and within five minutes my necklace was recovered.  Grateful doesn't even begin to describe my feeling.  Because to be honest, in my thought of fight or flight....I was thinking the flight plan was weak because it really would have been a matter of time before Rich cancelled my credit card and then there's the whole thing of him being able to find me easily...yada, yada, yada.  So, for now I am safe.  However, I may have to change where I take off  and put on my jewelry from now on.  Who knows how many times those pipes can be taken off and put back on again.

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  1. whoooweeee just reading this made me all kinds of nervous!! Glad you were able to save the necklace with a little help from your dad!