Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Football and Fishing

I thought I would get in a quick post before the Halloween craziness happens.

Last Saturday was Matt's last football game. I'm so sad. No more Saturday football. I think I am sad for a number of reasons. First of all, it is so exciting to watch and I genuinely like every player on his team. You know how there is usually one or two in the bunch you can do without?? That's not the case with his team. I love the boys he plays with. They are good kids, nice kids, well mannered kids and a fun group to sit and listen to. I am also sad because this is the last time they will play all together because next year is draft and they will all be split up. Greg (Matt's coach) said on Saturday that he hasn't enjoyed coaching a team as much as he had these kids the last two years. And as parents we were all a little reluctant to leave because we knew that the likelihood of a lot of them playing together again was not there and that we would also miss seeing each other too.  

First play of the game.  I think that is what some would refer to as a game face. 

Who loves the eye patches for pink October!?

Hand off from Ryker.

The boy chasing him is his old teammate.

He went pretty far, but no touchdown today.

I just LOVE, LOVE these boys!

One last time, let's bring it in...

Go Giants!!!

Coach Bishop.  Yep...this was luck.  Who wouldn't love having an ex-NFL player as a coach.

Matthew is done until January with sports!!  Ryan starts basketball this weekend.

And on to fishing.  This past weekend, at Matt's suggestion, my mom took both boys up to Apple Hill to fish.  The last time they went, Matt was the only one who went and so he thought Ryan would like it. He was also semi feeling sorry for Ryan that he hadn't caught a fish yet at all and what better place to catch a fish where they stock the pond.  As you may guess, Matthew had a complete strategy going into this trip and it went something like...."I will help him cast out his line and then I will help snag the fish and then help him reel it in because he has never done that before and he needs to be strong and I can help him so he gets his first fish."  Nothing like a huge run-on sentence to squeeze in as much as you can to try and manipulate the situation. 

Here it is...his first fish!  One HAPPY boy!

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