Sunday, February 17, 2013

Napa Weekend

Last weekend we took off for our now "official" Napa weekend for Kelly's birthday.  I can call it officially an annual weekend because this makes it two years in a row and that's a pattern, so it makes it official.  We also have restaurants picked out for next year already, so the "annual" part feels okay to say.

By accident, and that is what we will refer to accident, we ended up at this restaurant in Napa called Ristorante Allegria.  It was fabulous.  Best dinner I have had in a while.  All four of us loved everything we had and we will definitely go back next year, on our annual trip to Napa. (See, it's catching on).  I say it was an accident that we ended up here because we were supposed to eat at this other place that Lynn wanted to eat at.  We were all ready to go, I even called to see if we needed reservations (this became the joke of the weekend) and I should have known when the girl semi-chuckled at my question if I needed to put our name down for four, that something was up.  Turns out when we got there, it was like an upscale Butcher Shoppe.  An order yourself, seat yourself, serve yourself kind of a place.  When we walked in, hoping the wait would not be too long, and saw the guy filling the ice machine with a bucket from the back...we all started hysterically laughing and turned around and walked out.  But it was okay, because we rebounded with Ristorante Allegria.  It was a beautiful place and perfect dinner.

This was my dinner.

The next day we headed to this place for lunch that was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.  It is called Gott's Roadside.  Because this is my first Triple D experience, you understand how excited I was.  I don't know what it is about that show, but I can turn it on and five hours later I have sat through ten episodes.  So when we showed up...I was super excited.  That lasted about twenty minutes.  I was a little disappointed.  What I had and what the girls had was nothing special or nothing that we couldn't order anywhere else.  And it was crazy overpriced.  I know it was Napa and everything, but I felt like when they put our tray down and we saw what was on wasn't worth the $70 total it was. 

Look at Kelly...she is hysterical!

To make us feel better, we then headed to the outlets.  My mood became better instantly.  I love me some outlets.  After the outlets, we headed to the cupcake place that Kelly had been talking about called Sift.  They won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.  Overall they were good...but the best one we had was the from the girl scout cookies (middle row, on the right).  Delish!

Saturday night we headed to Bistro Jeanty.  Don't go if you are in Napa.  Well, I take it back, I had a fantastic dinner...but my girls did not care for what they ordered.  And it was a small restaurant and I felt like I was sharing my meal and conversation with people around us.  The only great thing about dinner was the birthday girl and the fact that she had had a little too much to drink.  That made dinner fun....and entertaining....and short.  And french food...not my favorite.

We had a great time on our ANNUAL weekend trip to Napa for Kelly's birthday.  I can't wait to go back next year.  Because we always come away with good me almost killing myself in the shower...that we can laugh at and talk about for years.

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