Monday, February 25, 2013


Welcome the blog post about nothing. Let's just run through some topics and we will catch up that way.

Basketball--We are approaching the end of basketball season.  This is always a sad time for me, because I do love a good basketball game.  And both boys have really had great teams this season and it has been so fun to watch. 

Matthew has decided to not play baseball this spring!  (THANK GOD!) Last year was painfully long, and ugly, and boring, and in the heat.  So, when asked if he wanted to play again, his answer was no.  Instead, we are going to try out tennis.  He has lessons starting next week and I am anxious to see if  he enjoys it. 

Ryan of course is starting baseball in a few weeks.  But, this is different.  It's machine pitch and moves MUCH faster than kid pitch.  And a bunch of his friends have signed up to play so we are hoping he has some friends on his team. 

TV-- Let's talk about my new obsession...The Following.  Kevin Bacon (or affectionately, Ren McCormack) has a new show on Fox where he plays an disgruntled ex-FBI agent who was brought in to work on a case about a serial killer who he successfully had brought down.  I LOVE THIS SHOW.  I love it so much that I no longer wait until Saturday afternoon to watch it (it is on Monday nights).  After the first episode I told myself that I would NEVER watch it before going to sleep due to the fact that I didn't sleep that night on account of all the noises I heard outside.  I have become a big girl though and I can watch it Monday nights now.  (Disclaimer--I get to fall asleep with lights on until Rich comes to are welcome!)

And secondly---Scandal---Best Show on Television.  Let me say that again....BEST. SHOW. ON. TELEVISION.

Oscars-- I love the Oscars.  I love everything about them.  Yesterday, from 2:30pm on, I was glued to my twitter account getting updates about the red carpet arrivals.  As we were walking through Toys R Us yesterday I could be heard saying things like..."Really, she went with that color?" or "There wasn't a single pair of pasties available in LA for this event?"  At one point Rich's eyes rolled so far in the back of his head I thought we were going to need to take him in for corrective surgery.  He is clueless about these things...I love me a gorgeous gown!  It's in my DNA.

And can we just talk about Ben Affleck?  Come on!  I crazy love that guy and I am so happy that his film won for best picture.  As darling as he is, I really have more of a crush on his wife.  Is that weird?  I think not.  I'm like 99.8% sure we could be best friends.  I love her.

My favorite part of the evening last night...when my sister text me and said, "Hello darling!  And who are you wearing?"  She gets it.  We are girls. She gets it.

School-- Two more weeks of school then spring break.  I hate spring break.  Only because it is the biggest tease of what summer will be like.  That's all I am going to say because I know it is not normal to have a job where summers are off, along with three other two week periods during the year. 

We will be spending part of spring break in Carmel because Matthew picked San Carlos Borromeo de Camelo Mission.  His mother is no fool.  With a mission report, there will have to be research done.  And with research, there will be a project--we picked a scrapbook.  And with a scrapbook comes pictures of him visiting his mission.  And that my friends is how we negotiate a trip to Carmel, "for school business."  Can't wait to see what state he picks for next years state report ;).

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